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Convenience store scam of another sort

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 26, 2013

Diversity is beautiful alert!  Middle eastern immigrants accused of ripping-off Hispanic immigrant who had won a $1 million dollar lottery ticket!

For new readers, this doesn’t have anything to do with food stamp fraud or refugees, but since we post on convenience store criminals who happen to be immigrants, this one is worth a mention.

The Dad, Nabil Jaghab

And, I am assuming the perps here are from the Arab world somewhere, but stories like this one rarely ever mention the nationalities of the alleged crooks.

From the New York Daily News:

Nabil Jaghab, 57, the owner of Peninsula Deli & Grocery in Nassau County, and his son, Karim, 26, have been charged with second-degree grand larceny after allegedly telling a customer with limited English that he only won $1,000 from his lottery ticket.

This deli sure is a ripoff.

Nassau County police say a deli owner and his son tried to scam a customer out of his $1 million lottery ticket by telling him he was owed only $1,000.

Nabil Jaghab, 57, the owner of Peninsula Deli & Grocery in Hempstead, and his son, Karim Jaghab, 26, were arraigned Saturday on charges of second-degree grand larceny.

Cops said a 34-year-old Spanish-speaker with limited English bought the $10 “Unwrap the Cash” scratch-off lottery ticket Thursday at the convenience store.

The son, Karim Jaghab

Instead of following protocol and directing the man to a State Lottery office to claim his prize, Karim allegedly told him the ticket was worth $1,000 and gave him the “winnings” straight out of the register.

On Friday the victim, suspecting he’d been ripped off on his scratch-off win, returned to the deli and began to press Karim about how much he’d won, according to police.

There is more, read it all and watch the clip.  I wonder if the Hispanic winner is here legally?

Guess these crooks hadn’t heard about fellow New Yorkers, a Palestinian father and son, who tried to pull off a similar theft of a lottery ticket, but who have just earlier this fall been found guilty.  We reported that case here.

For would-be bloggers, I’m telling you that writing a blog devoted to convenience stores owned by immigrants and the multitude of frauds they perpetrate would be a very fun undertaking.  You would have new material every day!   See our complete archive on food stamp fraud by clicking here.

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