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Oregon: More Muslims busted for food stamp fraud

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 5, 2013

Readers, here is one more in our long list of food stamp fraud cases involving immigrant-run stores where a disproportionate number involve Muslim managers and owners.

Busted! Mahmoud Tajgerdu

We follow food stamp fraud as a side interest here at RRW until such a time when some blogger-wannabe takes on the project full time.  Honestly, you could write posts daily on immigrant-run convenience store food stamp fraud and never run out of stories!

Mainstream news outlets don’t want to touch this topic with a ten foot pole! That is why we need citizen investigative journalists!


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A Beaverton grocery store owner, his daughter and three employees have been arrested on accusations they perpetrated an elaborate food stamp fraud scheme.

According to Beaverton police, 42-year-old Mahmoud Tajgerdu would allow Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients to exchange their benefits for cash at his store, Beaverton Halal Meat***and Mediterranean Groceries, located on Southwest Canyon Road.

Under the exchange, Tajgerdu would, for example, charge $125 to a food stamp user’s SNAP card in exchange for $100 in cash. Tajgerdu would then pocket the $25 difference.

At least Mahmoud wasn’t as greedy as most.  The going rate on this scam is 50 cents on the dollar.  The store clerk takes half the cash and gives the other half to the seller of benefits, which is illegal too by the way.  I’ve seen an occasional case where the seller of their welfare benefits is criminally prosecuted and frankly if we saw more of those it might have a chilling affect on the whole fraud scheme.

Negin Tajgerdu:  Busted for lying!

KOIN continued:

Beaverton police detectives and U.S. Department of Agriculture agents apprehended Tajgerdu and his daughter Tuesday, along with three employees who work at his store and a nearby 76 gas station that he owns.

Tajgerdu faces nine counts each of first-degree aggravated theft and unlawfully obtaining supplemental nutritional assistance. His daughter, 23-year-old Negin Tajgerdu, is charged with three counts of perjury.

Thirty-nine-year-old Bahman Hoshmand, 38-year-old Aziz Darakhshani and 35-year-old Rafik Korkut face multiple counts of aggravated theft and unlawfully obtaining supplemental nutritional assistance.

A Portland area shopping guide tells us this about Beaverton Halal and Tajgerdu (emphasis is mine):

Beaverton Halal

11527 SW Canyon Road, 574-2383.

Consider it the goat-butcher equivalent of an open kitchen. At Beaverton Halal, your goat is butchered while you watch. The front of the store is a half-sorted hodgepodge, with spices of various provenance arranged by dart throw down the left aisle and mega-sacks of rice stacked near the door, with sundries like honeycomb and sweet jallab syrup stored on miscellaneously stocked shelves in the store’s midsection. But the action’s in the back at the butchery, where owner Mahmoud Tajgerdu butchers goat and sheep at staggering affordability, in quantities like “quarter goat” and “half goat,” fresh from a farm in Eugene and all in accordance with Islamic law (which, for secular purposes, mostly means that it’s not pork, amphibious, carnivorous or gross.) JG.

Shopping list: The goat and mutton will be the main attractions, but heart and liver can also be found here.

Guess the Muslims in the area will need to find another goat butcher to watch.

If you suspect food stamp fraud in your neighborhood, here is the contact information for reporting your suspicions.   See something, say something!

11 Responses to “Oregon: More Muslims busted for food stamp fraud”

  1. […] […]


  2. […] Barrack Hussein Obama has transitioned millions of Americans, more than work in the private sector, to food stamps and with that has come a billions of taxpayer dollars stolen by Muslim food stamp fraudsters. Moar immigration!!! via Beaverton grocer arrested on food stamp fraud. h/t via Refugee Resettlement Watch. […]


  3. […] Barrack Hussein Obama has transitioned millions of Americans, more than work in the private sector, to food stamps and with that has come a billions of taxpayer dollars stolen by Muslim food stamp fraudsters. Moar immigration!!! via Beaverton grocer arrested on food stamp fraud. h/t via Refugee Resettlement Watch. […]


  4. The refugees and illegals come here and our government bends over back wards to give them a start, the gov. pays for the business to get started. This is your tax dollar at work. The people who commit fraud should be sent back to the home country and not tie up our court systems for years. The government need to make them pay but not by jail time as the tax payers expense. I AM FED UP WITH OBAMA AND HIS REFUGEES AND THE TAX MONEY THAT GOES TO THE UN, AGENCIES AND THE COST OF KEEPING THESE REFUGEES AND ILLEGALS.


  5. genomega1 said

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    Oregon: More Muslims busted for food stamp fraud


  6. It is all part of a larger plan to destabilize and take over from within. With one of their own sitting in the oval office, it is only getting worse! I will not stand for it!


    • Ed Cataldo said

      i remember years ago, when Nikita Khrushchev, of the U.S.S.R. told the American public, on TV, that we will be taken over from within. we feared the Russians but we knew up front what their plan was, but now we are being led to the slaughter house slowly but surely by our own. The same people we elected ……that, my Countrymen, is what you call being taken over from within……….YOUNG AMERICANS, BEWARE.!!


      • I get cold chills thinking of the current regime in congress and the white house. The public has to wake up but I think they are too content to see reality! Thanks for stopping by, I can’t wait for more of your content!


      • You are absolutely right Ed. We are indeed being led to the slaughter, by a pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing, They will rob, kill and destroy America….from within.


      • I have also been told by a few Vets. that we will be taken over from within and that is why they are buying up all the mom and pop stores, motels, and gas stations,they will kill from here and have food,gas and a place to live,,,Send them all home,and take Obama with you


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