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Central African Republic: Get ready for it, new wave of refugees thanks to Muslims taking power

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 9, 2013

Christian refugees look for help at the Bangui airport Friday. AP photo

They are slaughtering us like chickens said one Christian refugee over the weekend (here)!

Meanwhile, UN Ambassador Samantha Power begs the Muslim leader of the largely Christian country to play nice!

From AFP:

Power: We have “deep concern.”

New York — Washington’s United Nations envoy called the Central African Republic’s interim President Michel Djotodia on Sunday to express “deep concern” over the rising tide of violence in the country.

Ambassador Samantha Power urged Djotodia to “ensure the arrest of perpetrators of recent atrocities,” urging him to denounce violence and call for an immediate return to law and order, her office said.

Power also asked Djotodia to “use his influence to reduce inter-religious tensions and protect civilians” and to give “full support” to French and African Union forces that are deploying to the Central African Republic.

Hundreds have died in a fresh outbreak of bloodshed in the Central African Republic, which has been in turmoil since a coalition of Muslim fighters led by Djotodia known as the Seleka overthrew the country’s leader Francois Bozize in March.

Djotodia became interim president following Bozize’s ouster, making him the first Muslim leader of the mostly Christian country.


Reports have described a series of horrors, with security forces and militia gangs razing villages, carrying out public killings and perpetrating widespread rapes.

So, just looking at the official photo of Samantha Power, one knows Muslim leader Djotodia doesn’t take her seriously.

Top photo is from a story with more details at the South China Morning Post.

4 Responses to “Central African Republic: Get ready for it, new wave of refugees thanks to Muslims taking power”

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  2. Samanth Powers is supposedly smart, a quick learner. So why is she so clueless about jihad?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I honestly think she believes that the US (and western policies generally) are responsible for creating the Jihadists. Like many of us she doesn’t believe the Religion of Peace has violent Jihad as a core teaching, and I am sure she thinks that their desire to re-create the Caliphate is some myth that rightwingers are spreading around. BTW, it is my view that immigration is the central tenant of the Caliphate builders war on western civilization.

      Or, she knows the deal and is cheering the Jihadists on!


  3. Brittius said

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