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Even Senator Ted Cruz says to bring in the Syrians! 2015 to be the year!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 8, 2014

Senator Ted Cruz agrees with Senator Durbin—bring in more Syrians. Maybe he can get open-borders Grover back on his side.

But, he references the Christian Syrians, which demonstrates to me that he (his staff) has no idea how the US State Department’s Refugee Program works.  They will not single out the Christians for protection!

The only way Senator Cruz could redeem his uninformed remark is for him to write specific legislation saying that only Syrian Christians will be admitted to the US—good luck getting that through Congress!

From AP at MyNews3 (hat tip: pungentpeppers):

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic and Republican senators say the U.S. should offer a home to more Syrian refugees.

Syria’s civil war is now in its third year. More than two million have fled the Arab country, straining neighboring Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Many live under awful conditions.

U.S. aid totals $1.3 billion. But the U.S. has resettled about 100 Syrian refugees since fighting began.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin lamented the figure may only rise to a few hundred this year. He criticized overly restrictive U.S. immigration laws for refugees. [The “overly restrictive…laws” ol’ tricky Dick is referring to are the security clearances he would like to see done away with!—ed]

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, whose father was born in Cuba, also highlighted the crisis, citing the plight of Christian refugees.

U.S. officials cited procedural delays. They said far more refugees could arrive in 2015.

I know we have readers in Texas, you gotta educate Ted!

4 Responses to “Even Senator Ted Cruz says to bring in the Syrians! 2015 to be the year!”

  1. […] This must be the hearing that inspired Senator Ted Cruz to jump on the bring-them-to-America […]


  2. I am watching the people who will be running for president and anyone who is willing to bring in more refugees, allow illegals to stay, support Muslim countries are off my list. We don’t need more foreign people here, we need jobs for the citizens. get people off Welfare. Many of the green card workers are on Welfare but our government wants to bring in more workers. PUT THE ONES ON WELFARE TO WORK. OBAMA SENT MILLIONS OF JOBS TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. BIRTH RIGHT LAW TO STOP THE FRAUD.


  3. Brittius said

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  4. Brittius said

    Syrians, by tradition, have always engaged in commerce, and might not be such a bad/unwelcome addition. They enjoy work, owning their own businesses, doing business.
    I hope the strong work ethic is alive and well with today’s Syrian people.


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