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Which refugees came to your state in fiscal year 2012

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 5, 2014

Just now, when I checked data for how many refugees we resettled from Afghanistan, I came across this data for which states took which refugees in fiscal year 2012.   Although fiscal year 2013 ended on September 30th, 2013, I am not seeing the latest data.

African refugees arrive in Texas. Gee, isn’t this the number one red state the Leftists are aiming to turn blue?

I urge you to visit these Office of Refugee Resettlement state statistics to see from which countries refugees arrived in your state.

The top receiving states were:

Texas:  5,923

California:  5,173

Michigan:  3,594

New York:  3,528

Pennsylvania:  2,809

The states which received the least number of refugees were:

Of course Wyoming with zero and not even on the list (they have wisely stayed out of the program, so far!)

And, this is so interesting Delaware is not on the list either.  Isn’t that funny!  Senator Joe Biden was one of the chief sponsors of the Refugee Act of 1980 along with Ted (don’t-bring-them-to-Hyannis) Kennedy and yet Delaware took no refugees.

Hawaii:  1

Montana:  1

Mississippi:  8

Arkansas:  10

District of Columbia:  14

Go have a look!

Photo is here.

7 Responses to “Which refugees came to your state in fiscal year 2012”

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  2. […] been thinking about Pennsylvania ‘finding itself’ in the top five resettlement states in the US.  It occurred to me after we noted that former Governor Tom Ridge signed the Republican […]


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  4. […] is a story from Calhoun County, Michigan, (Michigan is one of the top refugee resettlement states) about their plan for how to cope.  There is a little wishful thinking about how to collect the […]


  5. tomasrose said

    also, all Refugee contractors have offices, if not headquarters, in Wash DC from whence they lobby congress for more money and more numbers. Interesting that they do not place refugees in DC. The contractors have the most important role in deciding where a refugee is resettled.


  6. That is so interesting. Delaware took no refugees. Oh Joe not in my neighborhood! The refugee racket is big, big business.


  7. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on


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