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Question for the Left: ‘Does an increase in the number of leprosy cases in US add to multi-culti diversity?’

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 11, 2014

That is what writer, Jeannie DeAngelis, at American Thinker asked yesterday in a piece entitled, ‘Do Liberals Care if Third World Illnesses Infect Americans?’   (Hat tip: Judy).

Leprosy! Multicultural disease diversity coming to a town near you?

Apparently inspired by something Obama’s old pal Bill Ayers said about how we white Europeans are responsible for knocking off Native Americans about 500 years ago, DeAngelis asked that question.

My only quibble with DeAngelis’s otherwise thorough accounting of the rise in diseases third worlders are bringing to America is that she attributes the spread solely to illegal immigrants.

With a health issues category of 197 posts on the subject, I can assure readers that the diseases are not all coming from the ILLEGAL aliens, but many are getting through via LEGAL refugees (and other legal entrants) not properly screened,  or with no medical treatment follow-up.  In many cases refugees are even allowed into the US with TB and HIV/AIDS.

Blogger Jeannie DeAngelis at American Thinker (emphasis mine):

One of the favorite pastimes of liberalism is to try to inflict guilt on people of European descent for being part of a lineage that they believe, in the words of Bill Ayers at the Dartmouth Debate with Dinesh D’Souza, “murdered” the American Indians by way of contagious disease.

Calling it the “European Invasion,” liberals believe that prior to Christopher Columbus’ arrival American Indians were virtually disease-free.  Never mind that syphilis, which originated in the New World, was brought back to Europe, where spirochete bacterium was not present until after Columbus and his fellow discoverers returned in 1493.

The Columbian theory concludes that invaders from across the sea brought to the Americas the scourge of bubonic and pneumonic plague, chicken pox, cholera, diphtheria, influenza, measles, scarlet fever, smallpox, typhus, tuberculosis, and whooping cough.

Even though Indian tribes were slaughtering each other, lefties argue that their lack of immunity was solely responsible for American Indians dying en masse after exposure to infectious diseases, and are persuaded that 80-90 percent of the Native American population perished after Europeans landed in the New World.

Whether that scenario is truth or fiction, there remains a problem with the argument.  Liberals incessantly harp on the fate of unsuspecting American Indians being infected with European maladies, yet that outrage doesn’t jibe with their insistence that amnesty be granted to illegal aliens, some of whom carry diseases eradicated long ago from North America.

At the turn of the century, immigrants coming to America through Ellis Island were screened for disease, just as law-abiding persons immigrating via legal channels today require a medical exam as part of the process. Meanwhile, irresponsible politicians on the left, who portray Christopher Columbus as a marauding murderer, choose to ignore the influx of modern-day intruders carrying with them highly-contagious Third World diseases into the US.  [As I said, Legal immigrants/refugees are bringing in diseases too—ed]


The hypocrisy is stunning.

Leprosy increased from 900 cases in the US to 9,000 in 3 years!  Did you know that?

The Biblical scourge of leprosy, a “slow-growing bacillus…parasite with a tropism for peripheral nerves, skin, and mucous membranes…upper respiratory tract, anterior chamber of the eye, and the testes,” is also within our borders.  In 2002, there were only 900 total cases of leprosy in the US. In the next three years there were 9,000 , mostly in states with the largest immigrant populations.


Do those hostile to 15th century European exploration feel that although it was once rare in America, an increase of reported leprosy cases adds to the multicultural diversity liberals embrace with such affection?


So, once again the self-righteous left proves they are the champions of idiotic double standards.  They condemn European-descended whites for murdering Native Americans centuries ago, while arguing on behalf of illegals currently spreading a plethora of deadly Third World afflictions with the potential to infect and kill millions of Americans.

Yes, but you see in Leftists’ mean-spirited eyes we white people deserve it—it’s payback time!

There is more, DeAngelis tells readers about other diseases increasing in America and reminds you to think about those shopping cart handles the next time you grab one in ethnically diverse neighborhoods.

I have a question for Wyoming!  How are your health departments in Campbell County (Gillette) and Natrona County (Casper)?  Are they ready for the diversity of health issues coming their way?

3 Responses to “Question for the Left: ‘Does an increase in the number of leprosy cases in US add to multi-culti diversity?’”

  1. This is not just a “Third world” problem.

    Berlin… na Germany, was virtually T.B free until recently.

    Now, the influx of invaders from Eastern Europe has meant that it is, once again, a serious health problem. The MAIN trouble is, it is a type that is immune from previous treatments.

    15 years ago, it was the law, that before you could get a permenent residence permit, you had to have a health check, including T.B and Cholera. This was regardless of WHERE you came from. Africa, Russia, BRITAIN, EVERY one had to have this test. *

    I do not know exactly when this was changed, but I know in 2007, it was no longer needed. OR, that is the first time that it came to my attention.

    The incedence of Cholera is unknown to me, but T.B, as I say, is becoming a MASSIVE problem. According to the news paper reports, it is mostly as a result of the Russians coming here.

    I DID have links. They are pretty easy to find, but as I was researching the situation, I found that Canada ALSO had a similar problem, although the number of Russians going to Canada must be much smaller than we get here….(?)

    * I would be interested to know what happened if any one FAILED, but the “authoritys” are not saying.


  2. Joe Newton said

    We are aware of some of these health problems in Georgia. I started working on this and other RR issues in our General Assembly last year after working 2 years to clean up a Mosque in Doraville, Ga. The Mosque was ruining the neighborhood by, among other things, combining 3 houses on 1 small outdated septic tank which overflowed under the Iman;s home. Each Friday the Iman held 2 prayer services. He pulled the prayer mats out from under his house, arranged their order and 300-500 Muslim worshipers knelled on the mats, bowed down with their hands and faces on the mats and continued their worship service for about 1 1/2 hours. When finished they embraced each other and blew kisses to Allah.


  3. Brittius said

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