A reminder: check those “Top Posts” daily!

We’ve had a lot of new readers and more interest lately in Refugee Resettlement issues facing first world countries.   In some cases a story catches fire on facebook and our numbers soar.  If you check the “Top Posts” (right hand sidebar) every day, you can get an idea of what stories are interesting our readers around the world.

Yesterday, the Lewiston, Maine post from last week took off.    And, our fact sheet (US), is a hit every day!

Although the majority of our readers are from the US, we have thousands upon thousands visiting from around the world.  Looking back over the last two years (when wordpress began giving us stats from other countries), these are the top ten countries from which we host visitors to RRW (the order switches around slightly from month to month but the list below is the approximate order) with the UK topping the list:

S. Africa

Not far behind France is Malta!

We bring you stories from around the world just so you know that the refugee/asylum issue is plaguing industrialized countries everywhere and your concern here in America, that excessively high numbers of migrants are attempting to get into America, is shared by others who fear for their country, their culture, and the potentially disastrous impact on Western civilization as a result of demographic change.

Some countries are taking action to stem the tide—front and center right now is Australia!

4 thoughts on “A reminder: check those “Top Posts” daily!

  1. Thank you for the updates, I live in Maine and assistant secretary of star Anne Richards visited yesterday to talk to immigrants in our state, she wanted to see what kind of welcome they would have!!! Maine is turning into a little Somalia already and we can’t afford any more of theses leeches, they are rude lazy and breed like rabbits, as well as a recruitment center for al Shaabab, there was report that a young Somalian from Portland was involved in the Kenyan mall massacre but our uber liberal press denied it even after it was reported by a local news station. The 9/11 bombers stayed and flew out of Portland jet port so deny Maine is a hub for terrorists is an understatement. Now fox news is reporting that Maine has a terrorist enclave, I called the FBI to find out if it was true and got no response. call me scared and concerned, I could tell you stories that would make the hair on your head stand up straight. Ann R.

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    1. Ann, please tell us some! You can write another comment at this same location and I can pick it up from there and post it more prominently.


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