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Syrians by the “hundreds” arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and 2016

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 20, 2014

“Hundreds?” Well, how could that be I wondered, since we are constantly reminded that the unwelcoming US has only admitted a hundred or so Syrian refugees.  It turns out that “hundreds” of those being granted ‘temporary protected status‘ are choosing to go to established Syrian communities, like those in North Jersey, to be with their people.

I continually find it amusing that no one ever questions the desire of ‘immigrants’ to congregate with their ethnic and religious groups in certain sections of cities or states, yet if any people of European background (you or me) would say I want to live with my kind of people we would be excoriated by the diversity-is-beautiful crowd as racist, rednecked boobs!  But, I digress.

Mahmoud Alzouabi, one of the stars of this story, traveled to Jordan with his wife and 8 kids and got a visa to the US. How did he pull that off when several hundred thousand others couldn’t? CARMINE GALASSO/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Back to North Jersey and the Syrians.  Emphasis below is mine.  From North

Syrians fleeing war and devastation in their homeland have settled in North Jersey by the hundreds since turmoil broke out three years ago. While family members, houses of worship and a social services agency offer support, many struggle to find work, afford housing and deal with grief amid harrowing experiences in war.

Then we hear about the first star of the story (there are always the sad tales in these articles designed to pull the heartstrings of your unwelcoming racist heart!):

Mahmoud Alzouabi, a 42-year-old Syrian refugee now living in Paterson, fled to a refugee camp in Jordan before getting a U.S. visa. Alzouabi saw a close friend shot to death at a demonstration.  [So how did this man with his family, of all the “refugees” arriving in Jordan get a visa to America?—ed]

They want to be with Syrians:

Drawn to North Jersey by long-established Syrian-American communities, many arrive with little more than the clothing they are wearing and with bitter memories of the life-threatening conditions that drove them from their homes.


The Syrians who have come to North Jersey are largely unrecognized as they blend into Arab-American neighborhoods in a diverse state that is home to more than 9,000 Syrian-Americans, according to the Census Bureau.

Thousands being approved to stay in US under ‘Temporary Protected Status’ but as we have reported here at RRW over the years—no one ever goes home!  Just ask the over 100,000 Salvadorans here “temporarily!”  It is a joke.  However, unless they can figure out some fraudulent way to do it, those on TPS are not allowed to dip into welfare (maybe in Maine!) while refugee status confers on those lucky people a whole array of social services.

The United States offers financial aid and transitional help to Syrians who are accepted into its refugee resettlement program, but only 108 Syrians have been officially designated as refugees. Many others are stymied by stringent U.S. security concerns over people arriving with no identification papers. Others face a high legal barrier in the requirement that they prove they are victims of persecution and not merely people displaced by war.

Many of the Syrian refugees have arrived with visitor’s visas and extended their stays, legally, through what is known as temporary protective status, which allows them to get Social Security numbers and authorizes them to find employment.

No work!  (Someone please tell Grover that there are LEGAL Syrians over here looking for work!):

With temporary protected status, he has work authorization and a Social Security number, but he cannot find work. He [another star of the story—ed] applied for health care coverage but did not understand the responses he got. His wife is eight months pregnant.

“Everything is difficult here. Everything is complicated. There’s no help,” said Askar, who has applied for refugee status, fearing religious persecution back home.

They want refugee status so they can get taxpayer-support!

Syrians who are granted asylum are eligible for help from programs funded by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement, including cash and medical assistance, job preparation and placement and English-language training. But only 108 Syrians have been granted official refugee status by the U.S.

TPS numbers:

Most have come to this country as visitors and stayed. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has accepted 5,261 applications for temporary protected status from Syrians already in the U.S., approving 2,038 of those and denying 59; the rest are pending. Of those, 335 applications came from Syrians in New Jersey; 150 were approved, three denied and the rest are pending.

Big rush of Syrians expected in US in 2015 and 2016.  Will Mr. Open Borders himself, Chris Christie, be welcoming them on the tarmac at Newark’s Liberty International airport?

With no end in sight to  the war, more Syrians can be expected to arrive in North Jersey. The U.S. government expects to receive thousands of referrals for resettlement from the United Nations’ refugee agency in 2014, with arrivals expected in 2015 and 2016, according to the State Department. It is not known how many will be accepted.

Some elected officials and human rights groups have called for the U.S. to do more and take in 15,000 Syrians refugees. According to news reports, the Obama administration expects to take in only as many as 2,000.

For years we watched the media drumbeat to bring in the Iraqis (and they are coming by the tens of thousands now) and henceforth we will see one story after another, like this one, as the media and the open borders movement builds their Syrian “refugee” PR campaign.  And, just watch, even if their ‘civil war’ ends before 2015, the flood gates to Syrian refugees will be open and they will keep coming (just as the Iraqis are still coming to this day)!

Addendum:  Check out the story we posted recently about one Syrian family getting into the US via Cuba, here.  They too are in North Jersey.

27 Responses to “Syrians by the “hundreds” arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and 2016”

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  2. It truly is a shame that immigration controls were not tighter when Ann Corcoran’s family immigrated to the US. This country would have been a better place… sigh


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Early immigrants to America were Europeans who revered Western Civilization and there was no social safety net—immigrants had to make it on their own, learn English, or return to Europe. Even so,the US decided the numbers were too great and from 1920-1965 immigration slowed to a trickle. Only in 1965 with the urging of Ted Kennedy (others) did the flood gates open to (most) cultures who had no interest in America other than as a place to see what they could get from us. And, if you think Ted and the elites motives were pure, they weren’t—they were looking for cheap labor.


      • How early in America would you like to digress? The earliest America, when all settlers were British colonists? They seemed to have a problem integrating with the native population also. Another point being this fantasy in your mind of learning english or returning to Europe, I am baffled of where this comes from. Throughout the early days of the US, for just one example, we had huge pockets of German speakers. This can still be seen throughout midwest culture to this day. Also when we swallowed up much of the south and west, we were left with huge pockets of native spanish speakers. Point being, these people all integrated, usually fully around the third generation, which has, and always will take a while. However, since you skip over the important history, I shall too. Fast forward to 1920-1965, devastated by the first world war, then the great depression, and then yet another, even more destructive second world war, the world was left in turmoil. Here arises the “golden age” of the US, rising from a backwater to super power. It is very simple to become super wealthy and bar most immigrants when every single major manufacturing hub in the entire world is wiped out except for you. This is the only time in our history we did not need cheap or free (spelled slave) labor to stay competitive. So here we come into 1965 to present, with the world back on it’s feet somebody realized we were losing our competitive edge. Immigration is the life blood of this country, without it we will not survive. Xenophobia is not a pillar of this country, although many people such as yourself would like it to become one. Maybe you were lucky and your family came from somewhere in the UK. If not, your grandparents, great grandparents, whoever came here speaking a different language. They integrated, and so will these new immigrants. I do not disagree that there are people that come to this country to try and get something free out of us, all you have to do is look at Europe to realize that. At the same time, there are many more natural citizens that drain the economy much worse than these immigrants. Most of these people you preach hate towards come from a country where a few dollars a day is a fortune. They gladly work minimum wage jobs to pay their bills, and manage to still send money home, unlike many people here that feel entitled to something they did not earn. All I can honestly hope is that if you have not, for I do not personally know you, go to some of these third world countries you complain about and see what it’s really like. Not from a five star resort, but actually go there and interact with the locals, after that I may lend some credence to you work.


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  4. […] Syrians by the “hundreds” arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and 2016 […]


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  6. […] by the ‘hundreds’ arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and 2016″ By Ann Corcoran, February 21, […]


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  8. […] ‘hundreds’ arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and 2016″ By Ann Corcoran, February 21, […]


  9. […] Syrians by the “hundreds” arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and&… February 20, 2014 […]


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  11. […] by the ‘hundreds’ arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and 2016″ By Ann Corcoran, February 21, […]


  12. […] by the ‘hundreds’ arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and 2016″ By Ann Corcoran, February 21, […]


  13. Wait, doesn’t Washington know that Swedes already invited ALL Syrians to their generous nation?

    Don’t we have enough headchoppers yet in the USA? Admitting more Muslims is craze bad.


  14. Here’s what I think is happening. The State Dept. is waiving visa standards for Syrians in adjoining states – no security checks, no financial review, nothing. This is criminal, the State Dept. is using ‘visa issuance’ for ‘visiting the US’ to Syrians knowing full well that once they get here, they will be rubberstamped for TPS status. Hey if you don’t like Congress’ laws, ignore them, change them, reinterpret them. After all Obama said he can do whatever he wants.


  15. […] by the “hundreds” arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and 2016″ By Ann Corcoran, February 21, […]


  16. And, his religion is …….? Judging by the size of his family, (8 on the ground and one more about to land), he very likely is a Muslim. They like big families, and it is possible he has a couple more wives back in Syria.

    But there is a slight chance that he and his wife are just sexy Christians. we don’t really know. He cited religious persecution as his reason for leaving Syria, and since Christians live in a state of permanent terror in that predominately Muslim country he may very well be Christian.

    I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and am very aware of the illegal immigration problem in Texas, (have worked with the Border Patrol as a volunteer in the Rio Grande Valley for more than 8 years), and since I discovered the wonderful work of Refugee Resettlement Watch and Ann Corcoran have become daily active observing the flow of regugees and asylum seekers in North Texas.

    Last week, in a local Sam’s, I noticed a couple of workers that appeard to be from the middle east, and I asked them where they were from. “Syria” they replied, acknowledging that they were Muslims and had very recently come to the USA.

    The King of Diversity, Barack Obama, goes about his work of arranging our lives for us, daily, (while he, his family , czars, mentos, associates live incredibly lavish lives), and the lack of reporting about his activities in the refugee area, (now more than three years past due), is just the way that he operates. He is notorious for hiding or lying about his lack of accomplishments, or accomplishments, however you might view them.

    And we roll merrily along, Infidels, particularly white male Christians and their loved ones, are withering on the vine while trillions of are spent on 2-3 million annual newbies, legal and illegal, And millions of needy American Citizens of all colors are shorted severely needed services in a systematic shut down of rights, punished by outrageous, unelected racketeers in a manner that can only be described as blatantly anti-American and racist to the core.


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  21. XX I continually find it amusing that no one ever questions the desire of ‘immigrants’ to congregate with their ethnic and religious groups in certain sections of cities or states, XX

    We pandered to their wishes in Warsaw, 1940.

    Turns out they don’t like it when they get what they were, by their actions and habits, asking for all along.


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