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Poll: Majority of Evangelical Christians want LEGAL immigration numbers reduced

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 24, 2014

NumbersUSA is reporting on a poll released in Nashville today at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. (Hat tip: Robin)

A brand new national poll of only evangelical Christians finds that they are deeply compassionate when it comes to immigration policy but not in the way the news media have been reporting because of a well-funded public relations campaign by a few dozen pro-amnesty religious leaders.  [Some of those pro-amnesty religious leaders are included in this list of refugee contractors.—ed]

Released today here in Nashville at the National Religious Broadcasters giant annual convention, the poll found that most evangelicals are deeply concerned about unemployed and struggling low-paid American workers, particularly Black and Hispanic Americans who have the highest jobless and poverty rates.  And most evangelicals want an immigration system that protects their ability to work and support themselves.

Read the results on illegal immigration, and then this is what interested me the most.

The poll [Pulse Opinion Survey] found even less support for increasing legal immigration:

* only 8% of evangelicals supported doubling legal immigration and 14% favored keeping it at the current 1 million a year,

* 64% said immigration should be cut at least to 500,000 a year, with half of all evangelicals supporting a limit of no more than 100,000 a year,

* 29% said legal immigration should be reduced to zero.

If you have never watched NumbersUSA’s youtube presentation —Immigration by the numbers—take ten minutes and watch it now by clicking here.

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