Going away!

Readers, I will be away for a few days and possibly without any internet service.

Things are hopping on the refugee front, so I surely will return with a lot of hot topics needing to be posted.

However, if you are a new reader, or a daily visitor, let me point out what we have on these pages that could keep you busy reading for days!

First, you should check out our Fact Sheet (it is linked right under the banner above).  It is daily one of our top posts.

Speaking of Top Posts (see the right hand sidebar ) which will guide you to stories that have interested readers the most in recent days.  Right now the Wyoming posts are bringing readers in in droves.

And, I can’t emphasize enough that our search function works really well.  But, don’t just type in ‘Somalis’ for instance, or you will get 800 plus posts!  Perhaps narrow your search to ‘Somalis’ and your city.  Or, type in your city or state and find everything we have written about it and refugees in general.

Likewise for our readers from around the world.  Type in your country first and see if we’ve written about it.  I can assure you that if you’ve got a refugee or asylum problem we’ve mentioned it over the years.

Also, if you are looking for facts and statistics, try our ‘where to find information’ category, here.  Browse down the list of categories in the left hand sidebar for other topics of interest.