Guess where this photo was taken?

Swedes looking for help in identifying the man. They think he is from “abroad.”

It is from welcoming multi-culti Stockholm, Sweden. The ‘generous’ European country that has opened its doors to the Middle East.  Poor persecuted fellow just wanted to ride the subway.  From the UK Daily Mail thanks to ‘pungentpeppers.’

Some are betting that the UK collapses with its demographic change first, but my bet is on Sweden.

5 thoughts on “Guess where this photo was taken?

  1. The West is suicidal, but those Swedes, they take the cake. The article said it happened 12/19 but they only now released the images BECAUSE a ‘discrete’ search for this guy was a deadend, so now, 3 months later!, they need the public’s help after a judge ok’d showing his pic to public! LOL Mustn’t offend the Musims!


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