Refugee Resettlement Watch readership grows every month

I think this issue is beginning to resonate with people around the country and around the world.  For new readers, we have been blogging since 2007, but just about a year ago at this time readership took a huge leap forward and every month we add subscribers and visitors to our facebook page.

Our goal is to add one new subscriber a day, but in April we added 85 bringing our regular subscriber number to 1,220.  That sounds modest and by big-blog standards it is, however, for a narrowly focused blog, we are thrilled.    And, last week alone our facebook page reached 22,551 visitors (this week it is over 27,000 already!).

A month ago I made this report on how we are doing.  In that post I reported on the top countries from which our readers are coming.

In a post the other day I said I would tell you what our top most-visited posts of all time are, so here we go with the top five:

Fact Sheet is number one with 46,581 visitors.  Followed by:

How did we get so many Somalis….  (22,727)

Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis (23,360)

Asylum seekers head for Israel (12,718)

They are fighting back in Sweden (12,466)

Our “About” description is important for new readers to see as well.  I hadn’t read it for years, but it is still operative, except maybe my cynicism has grown!

Because we are getting so many new readers, let me direct you to first the fact sheet, then if you are trying to find other available reports and documents check out our ‘where to find information’ category.

We have an excellent search function and if you would like to know if we have written on a certain subject, a person, an organization, or a location, type a key word or two into the search field to see if we have covered the topic over the last nearly 7 years.

Note to commenters!  We review our comments before posting, so keep them free of foul language or any suggestion that anyone should be harmed in any way, and don’t call people names, that is what the leftists do when they can’t argue with facts!  If there is a delay in posting your appropriate comment, then it is because I am away from the computer.

If you don’t want to become a subscriber (upper left), then follow us on facebook or twitter (AnnC@RefugeeWatcher).

Thanks for your continued loyalty!

Update May 3:  I see that as of today we have posted 5,555 posts since launching RRW in 2007.




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