Governor of Wyoming refugee program still in planning stage? Or, was it a done-deal last fall?

As you know we have been following the growing controversy in Wyoming about whether that state will open a refugee resettlement office for the purpose of bringing new-to-America refugees to Wyoming.  We first became aware of Governor Matt Mead’s proposal here in February.   All of our subsequent posts are here.

The Governor has been claiming that they are simply exploring the option of becoming the 50th and final state to actively admit third world refugees directly to Wyoming.  However, here (below) is the Governor’s letter to Eskinder Negash, Director Office of Refugee Resettlement, from LAST SEPTEMBER.  Sure sounds like a done-deal to me!

Eskinder Negash, Director ORR

Just for your information, Eskinder Negash (formerly a VP at one of the resettlement contractors—the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants) is the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.

The other half, and perhaps the most important half, of the FEDERAL Refugee Admissions Program is the US State Department and its Asst. Secretary for Population, Refugees and Migration represented now by Anne Richard also previously employed as a refugee resettlement contractor (International Rescue Committee).

By the way, this program is notorious for revolving doors between contractors and government, but I digress!

I’m not sure why the Governor wrote only to ORR to alert them that “Wyoming has elected to pursue” a resettlement program.

Below is the letter dated September 5, 2013 which was obtained by Wyoming resident and radio talk show host Frank Jorge.   Jorge’s website is here.  The radio program is here.  And, I was a guest on his show this past Tuesday evening, listen here (interview begins at about minute 34) where I urge Wyomingites to get involved and find all the facts about the impact the program will have on Wyoming—demographically, financially and culturally—because it is US and Wyoming taxpayers who foot the bill and thus you all have a right to know!



4 thoughts on “Governor of Wyoming refugee program still in planning stage? Or, was it a done-deal last fall?

  1. The governor makes it sound like “we are still in the planning stages” and, therefore, anything could happen – maybe be we will even find, after all our planning, that it just won’t work from the standpoint of the state budget. And besides, isn’t it better to have a plan than not for those numerous refugees who are getting here on their own?

    The ‘plan’ that the governor keeps going on about is nothing but a pro forma document the contractor submits each year for pro forma ‘approval’ by the state department. I doubt a ‘plan’ has ever been rejected. I am sure it is a done deal and very quickly the taxpayers will find out it is anything but a public/private responsibility. They will also find there was no planning whatsoever for the true costs involved.


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