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University of Kansas to teach Somali language….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 8, 2014

….so Somalis might not feel so pressured to learn English (they don’t say that, I do).


LAWRENCE, Kan (WIBW) The University of Kansas is breaking new ground in the language training department.

Responding to the sunflower state’s increasing Somali speaking population, KU will soon be one of the first universities in the country to provide language training in somali.

Several thousand Somali speakers live in southwest Kansas and more than 5,000 Somali immigrants are currently in Kansas City.

An elementary Somali language class will be offered at the summer African language institute.

A more advanced Somali language classes will be taught in the fall and spring.

You know what is funny about this?  Kansas Governor (and former US Senator) Sam Brownback was, and is, a big advocate for more refugees (along with Grover Norquist) to come to America, but he DIDN’T WANT THE SOMALIS IN KANSAS!

By the way, whites are now a minority in Finney County, Kansas.   So what attracted the refugees to Kansas—meat packers, what else!

2 Responses to “University of Kansas to teach Somali language….”

  1. Dug Benks said

    Funny? You do realize just as Joe Biden doesn’t decide how many refugees Delaware resettles, the governor of Kansas doesn’t designed what language classes will be offered at KU? A few score of people learning Somali at KU hardly precludes Somali immigrants in Kansas learning English.


  2. Brittius said

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