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RRW will be on vacation for a few days!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 16, 2014

If you are a new reader and have just arrived here for the first time, below are some of the areas you can explore until we resume posting the latest news on Monday.

Check our “about” page.

Facts on how refugee resettlement works in America are here.  See also ‘why we need a moratorium’ here.

Note the “top posts in the right hand sidebar and get an idea of what posts readers are most interested in.

See the categories in the left hand sidebar.  Note especially for our readers worldwide that we have categories for Africa, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Have a look at the category entitled “where to find information” for reports, documents, statistics.

Our search function (upper left) works really well; type in a couple of key words and you will most likely find something.  We have written 5,587 posts, so I use the ‘search’ daily myself.  Warning! Don’t type ‘Somalis Minneapolis’ though unless you have all day to read!

The tags are pretty handy too, but we only started using them a couple of years ago and so posts going back to 2007 won’t appear.

I hope to be able to post comments while I’m away, but come on commenters!—I won’t post any threats, personal verbal attacks on other people (you are free to attack me! call me names if it makes you feel better!) or foul language!

4 Responses to “RRW will be on vacation for a few days!”

  1. Enjoy.


  2. […] RRW will be on vacation for a few days! May 16, 2014 […]


  3. What’s the big deal here? This is not supposed to be part of your contract! Naps and/or cocktail hours are okay, but must be cleared in advance.

    If you must, have a good/productive time.

    Stay safe.

    Vaya con dios.



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