US Amphibious Assault ship rescues illegal migrants in Mediterranean, brings more problems for beleaguered Malta

US aids invasion of Europe in more ways than one.

Longtime readers know that we have been following the slow motion disaster for the Maltese people as their tiny country suffers the proportionately largest brunt of the assault on Europe by illegal migrants crossing the Mediterranean, now largely from Libya, where sources tell us that 800,000 would-be “asylum seekers” are poised to break into Europe.

Before you read on, visit American Thinker right now (hat tip Judy) and read an excellent review of the dark and prophetic novel (written in 1973!) about the future of France (Europe) and ultimately America—The Camp of the Saints as destitute migrant masses arrive on Europe’s shores (and come across our Southern border!).   Then order it for your summer reading!

So how are we aiding the invasion beyond picking up 282 mostly men and instead of returning them to Libya our war ship drops them off on Malta?

Some of the 282 Africans brought on board the USS Bataan on Friday.


We (Obama) played a key role in the destabilization of Libya the launch pad for the invasion, and for many years now—starting with George W. Bush—the US State Department has been ‘helping’ by taking some of Malta’s illegal aliens to the US as “refugees” thus adding one more inducement (a ticket to America) for the economic migrants to take the plunge.  (See our extensive archive on ‘Malta.’)

From the Malta Independent (Hat tip: Charles):

The multipurpose amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5) transferred 277 persons in distress to the Armed Forces of Malta offshore patrol vessel P61, and another five persons were medically evacuated to Malta June 7, 2014.

Bataan and USS Elrod (FFG 55) rendered assistance on Friday to persons in distress at sea in the Mediterranean after receiving a report of a sinking small vessel. Bataan provided food, water, medical attention and temporary shelter.


Bataan launched two Search and Rescue MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopters to investigate. Once on scene, Bataan’s SAR helicopters confirmed a small vessel was sinking. The SAR helicopters then deployed the SAR swimmers to start extracting persons from the water. Elrod deployed their 7-meter rigid hull inflatable boat; Bataan deployed their 11-meter Captain’s Gig and 7-meter RHIB to assist.

282 persons were recovered and brought on board Bataan.

Bataan, with elements of 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, is operating in the US 6th Fleet area of operations to augment US Crisis Response forces in the region.

So what is the mood on Malta?  A commenter at the Independent gives us some idea:

The USS Bataan should have taken them to Libya where they left from. Who’s fault is it that they were in distress? Am I supposed to feel sympathy for them? Well hell I don’t. They all know where they can go.

All it would take to stop the insanity is for Western leaders to grow a spine and start taking migrants back to Libya or elsewhere in North Africa, encourage the UN to build appropriate camps and then the ‘caring class’ must figure out how to save Africa (in Africa) because it is obvious the migrating masses will soon sink the lifeboat!

See Roy Beck at NumbersUSA explaining how America, or civilized nations generally, cannot solve the world’s poverty by moving some of the overflow to the West.   Beck, states the obvious:  “They have to be helped where they live!”

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  1. Nothing to do with the fall of Gadaffi at all. Most of these people come from all over the Maghreb and the rest of Africa, as far south as Nigeria, Togo and Cameroun. Libya’s just the main spot to take off across the Med., either to Lampadusa or Malta, both very close to Libyan ports. Some may be fleeing wars, but most are just economic opportunists taking advantage of weak immigration laws in Europe, facilitated by the wrong-headed Schengen Agreements on border control and the pernicious busy bodies at the UNHCR who make all the ‘human rights’ laws, undermining national sovereignties.


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