Christian Science Monitor: are illegal kids criminals or refugees?

They are most certainly not refugees! 


Refugees or criminals?


Ever since we started writing this blog in 2007, the open borders agitators (including the refugee contractors) and immigration lawyers have been attempting to expand the definition of “refugee” for the purpose of bringing in anyone in the world who is fleeing crime (or says they are fleeing crime).

Fleeing one’s home country because the country is overrun with gangs and drug dealers, and where the government there is unable to protect its citizens from crime generally, does not make one a “refugee.”   And think about it, wouldn’t that make half the world eligible for asylum in America?  Or, is that what Obama wants?

A refugee:

…. is a person who is outside their home country because they have suffered (or feared) persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or because they are a member of a persecuted ‘social group’ or because they are fleeing a war.

Either the “refugee” has been chosen by the UN and admitted to the US by the US State Department and flown here, or in the case of asylum seekers who got here on their own (crossed a border illegally or overstayed a visa), they must first be judged to be legitimately escaping persecution before they are declared a refugee.

The big push to find the kids lawyers is to attempt to prove that they are legitimate asylum seekers and for the US to ultimately grant them asylum which would make them refugees and thereby make them eligible for all of the taxpayer “services” available to any American citizen.  See our fact sheet!

An “economic migrant” is an alien who is seeking a better life—he or she wants a job or welfare.  They are also NOT refugees.

The recent “unaccompanied minor” border invaders may be “economic migrants,” but they definitely are illegal aliens and therefore criminals.

Here is Patrik Jonsson reporting at the Christian Science Monitor (hat tip: Joanne).

I’ve communicated with Jonsson.  He has exposed some secrecy in the “refugee” program before so I would urge him to help figure out who are the instigators of this invasion, it isn’t the kids (who are being used, in my opinion, by those who are attempting to bring on the revolution)!

Who are those shadowy players?  Or is it the White House itself?

The growing crush of vulnerable migrant children crossing the Rio Grande and entering the US through south Texas has put urgency to a vexing question for the US immigration system:

Are children fleeing Central American violence refugees who need asylum or illegal gold-diggers who need to go home?

The rush on the border has created what the White House and many others have called a humanitarian crisis. But it has also pushed Washington into finger-pointing mode, with politicians and commentators trying to pin down why children, often guided by “coyote” smugglers, are traveling hundreds of miles across Mexico into the US.

Read it all.

BTW, I heard a scary prediction yesterday—-that after the 2014 election, Obama plans to pardon all illegal aliens in the US.  Is that what the “kids” know?

With all of this horrific news about the invasion of America by mostly teenaged boys from Central America, I see a bright side!  

Those who have brought this nightmare (including the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services***) to the front pages have succeeded in making the word “refugee” a very dirty word in homes across America after years and years of building up “refugees” as wonderful, deserving, industrious and grateful NEW AMERICANS.   Keep it up!

Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to say they aren’t refugees!

See our complete archive on “unaccompanied minors” and the refugee contractors by clicking here.  Learn more about where your $2 billion for the kids will be going, here.

***Why do I keep naming those two refugee contractors (of the nine), because they are two that have had contracts from the ORR to care for the “kids.”   But, I expect all of the contractors to be scrambling for the $$$$$ and a piece of the action now that more of your tax dollars (billions in fact!) may soon be flowing their way.

As a matter of fact, the contractors all lobbied for the ‘gang of eight’s’ so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” bill because it contained provisions for them to gain more “clients” and more federal grant and contract money.  Since that hasn’t gone through, and likely won’t anytime soon, this windfall—to care for the kids—is the next best thing for them!

9 thoughts on “Christian Science Monitor: are illegal kids criminals or refugees?

  1. A refugee:

    …. is a person who is outside their home country because they have suffered (or feared) persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or because they are a member of a persecuted ‘social group’ or because they are fleeing a war.

    this definition comes from wikipedia.

    this part of the statement:”or because they are fleeing a war” should not be in there. that is not part of the definition and shows how wikipedia contains a lot of misinformation


  2. Anyone who crosses our borders with out documents are criminals! Why don’t we use the laws for illegals that we have on the books? Why not use Mexico’s and other foreign countries laws on people in their country illegally? NO MORE AMNESTY! NO MORE ILLEGALS! WE DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO SUPPORT ALL THESE PEOPLE ON WELFARE AND WITH THE GOVERNMENT SHUTTING DOWN OUR FARMS, THE GREEN CARD WORKERS ARE ON WELFARE BUT THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO BRING IN MORE GREEN CARD WORKERS.


  3. Tattoos, mustaches, they sure don’t look like kids to me. Not to mention they’ll lie anyway so as not to be sent back since they believe we’ll keep them if they are under a certain age.


  4. IF one has to ask that question, you already are in the DEMOCRAT-SOCIALIST, PROGRESSIVE CAMP ! THIS IS NO SURPRISE, from the ‘establishment” front groups for Obama, like the Christian Science Monitor CROWD, and the COMMIE CATHOLIC COUNCIL OF BISHOPS !

    JUST TAKE A LOOK, at the COMMIE CATHOLIC COUNCIL OF BISHOPS web pages ! They betray their ANTi-JEW, PRO- TERRORIST point of View.



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