OMG! Obama Adminstration awards hundreds of millions in grants to Texas Baptist group!

Surely you heard the news today about the Texas hotel that Baptist Child and Family Services was supposed to be buying to house ‘unaccompanied minors,’ but the deal fizzled when the media discovered it.

We reported yesterday on federal contractor BCFS.  Their income in previous years is chump-change compared to what they are getting this year!

Now check out Gateway Pundit today on the story.  They link Tracking Accountability in Government Grants.  Open the link and it will blow your mind!   Just last week BCFS was awarded $190,707,505.  But, that is only one of about 14 awards of over a million dollars each this year alone.

Forget Halliburton!  The illegal alien care industry is booming, but in this racket the players get to wear the white hat of humanitarian ‘voluntarism’ while raking in the government grants.

Get this!  BCFS was in on the meeting with Obama in Texas last week (BCFS is the contractor at Lackland Air Force Base that told medical personnel to keep their mouths shut), but reading this story in which Obama praised the faith group “volunteers” you would have no idea that BCFS was being paid handsomely for its work!

Also attending the meeting was Kevin Dinnin, president of Baptist Child & Family Services, a BGCT-related agency providing care for children housed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

Some real investigative reporter needs to dig into this story because something stinks.

25 thoughts on “OMG! Obama Adminstration awards hundreds of millions in grants to Texas Baptist group!

  1. Our country is in huge despair by the outrageous spending and thievery. We no longer have control.


    1. I can’t even imagine where all this corruption/invasion is leading us…. Just keep speaking up!


  2. From the comments at FreeRepublic:

    To: Hot Tabasco
    Take a look at the PDF of IRS form 990 for BCFS Health and Human Services (EIN 74-1260710) of San Antonio, Texas for the year 2012.
    Their CEO is Kevin Dinnin of San Antonio, Texas, who was paid a salary $397,175 plus $50,624 extra compensation for his services in 2012.

    Treasurer is Claudia Oliveira, was paid $182,909 + $43,429. Executive Directors include Asennet Segura ($181,895 + $68,370 + $62,510), Kari Tatro ($189,516 + $50,471 + $26,787) and Terri Hipps ($176,267 + $26,002). Additional Directors include Sonya Thompson ($169,018 + $12,436), Denise Grimm ($122,206 + $11,593), Mario Guerra ($167,419 + 19,248)
and Jon Bodie ($134,602 + $16,344).

    Independent Contractors include “Jani King of San Antonio Region” ($101,659),
“Roth Staffing Companies” ($206,927), “Centerview Market Place” ($241,735).

    (I wonder if these names, or names of persons close to them, also show up on Democratic Party political donor lists?)

    Government grants of over $63.3 million are on page 9,
and they indicate grants for the prior year were over $70 million!

    Related Organizations include “Children’s Emergency Relief International” IRS EIN 74-2933669, “BCFS Educational Services” IRS EIN 45-5251954, “Baptist Child and Family Services Foundation” IRS EIN 74-2603561, “BCFS Property Management” IRS EIN 62-1867350, “Baptist Care Facilities for Persons With…” IRS EIN 74-2833616, and “Christian Community Development Corporation” IRS EIN 56-2573060.

    All share the same address at 1506 Bexar Crossing, San Antonio TX 78232


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