Top posts (top countries) for the week ending August 8th

A few weeks ago, we started a Friday round-up of sorts to bring to your attention the posts that garnered the most visitors in the preceding week.  You can see those previous reports in our category entitled blogging.

1. The most read post of the week was:  Our fact sheet

2. Owners of dogs which killed jogger were asylum frauds, should have been deported by now

3.  And just posted yesterday, the most important news of the week in my opinion:  US State Dept. contractor resettles first Syrian Sunni Muslims to Georgia

Top ten countries this past week in the number of visitors from outside the US (last week’s top ten are here—July our top month in seven years!):





South Africa

Malaysia (new this week in the top ten)


Jamaica (new this week)


Denmark (new this week)

Why do we do this charitable work almost every day?

Because you have a right to know what the government and their contractors plan for your community!  And, because you need to know that border invasions are happening around the world.

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2 thoughts on “Top posts (top countries) for the week ending August 8th

  1. Australia still has 17,000 illegals banged up in detention centres around the country and across the Pacific. In dribs and drabs they’re electing to go home, taking the government’s last ditch offer of free tickets plus a handout for re-settlement that ranges from $3,000 – $7,000 depending on the cost of living ratios in their home countries. Generous by any standards, considering that they and their families have been here long enough to get adequately fed and housed, and their kids provided with a modicum of education to build on when they return home.
    We’re fortunate in having a government that’s hanging firm on stopping the boats arriving, confounding the people smuggler kingpins at home and abroad.


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