RRW’s week in review (August 17-23)

Continuing something we began several weeks ago, here is information about how we did this week.

Our numbers are down a little, but not that much considering that this is probably the most important vacation time outside of Christmas when most people just want to escape from having to consider thorny issues.  Although I must say the news is pretty awful this August and hard to get away from.

Our top three most-visited posts this past week (out of 5,855 posts we have written!) were:

1.  Our fact sheet.

2.  One more reason for foreign nationals to continue to stay in the US—Ebola.

3.  Athens, GA mayor attempting to put brakes on proposed resettlement of refugees.

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By the way, I had to laugh.  A commenter somewhere (I forget where) said that RRW was a useful resource but strangely organized.  I don’t remember the exact words (I think ‘strange’ was the word used), but wonder what is so strange about it?  LOL! It is perfectly organized in my head.  We have categories, and tag clouds and we have 5,855 posts!  How else could we organize it?  And, besides, readers can simply type in a few key words in the search window and quickly find anything we have written on a specific topic going back seven years.  What more could you want from a free educational resource?

The best way to keep up with this complicated material is to read our posts every day filled with many links to previously reported information!

Top countries:

Top countries from which we received readers outside the US didn’t change much (the first three switch around every week) and are as follows:






South Africa




Greece  (new this week in the top ten)

And, it’s worth mentioning that number 11 is Saudi Arabia this week.

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