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Another “refugee” boat capsizes in Mediterranean killing 500

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 17, 2014

This time it is alleged that traffickers, angry at the passengers, deliberately rammed the ship forcing it to capsize.

The USS San Antonio rescued illegal migrants here in 2013. Note that our men have donned protective clothing. b

From The Guardian (hat tip: Paul):

About 500 migrants are feared to have drowned after the boat carrying them from Egypt to Malta was apparently rammed and deliberately sunk by people-traffickers, an intergovernmental group has said.

The news – based on the accounts of two Palestinian survivors – emerged on the same day up to 200 more people were feared dead when another boat heading to Europe capsized off Libya.


Huge numbers of people are attempting to flee from Africa to Europe, with numbers sharply up this year, in part due to the continued violent chaos in Libya and Syria. More than 100,000 people have been rescued since January, the UNHCR, says.

And, then get this!  After the Italian Navy rescues a bunch of illegal migrants, the traffickers slip back and re-take their ship to be used again.

Earlier this year a leading Libyan people smuggler, speaking anonymously to the Guardian, explained how he uses a different tactic to ensure the trafficking boat can be used again.

The man said that once the Italian military was en route to the ship he and his crew would decamp to a small rubber inflatable. Once the migrants are removed they return to the smuggling boat and return in it to Libya. [Italy might at least burn the damn ships!—ed]

I’m at the point of saying, Europe deserves what is happening to it—they are so dumb.  If they just escorted some of the migrant boats back to Libya and Egypt thus blockading Europe, this whole business would end in a nanosecond.  Of course, look who is talking as we similarly don’t close our US borders!

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5 Responses to “Another “refugee” boat capsizes in Mediterranean killing 500”

  1. Africa can’t seem to grasp the concept that if you overpopulate and outbreed your resource base’s ability to provide for your population, you’re going to remain backwards and poor until the end of time. But then again, asking these people, who rarely have IQs over 70, to engage in family planning is like asking them to colonize the moon.


  2. […] And, of course their deaths will be blamed on Israel.  We wrote about this sinking incident here yesterday. […]


  3. […] And, of course their deaths will be blamed on Israel.  We wrote about this sinking incident here yesterday. […]


  4. […] Another “refugee” boat capsizes in Mediterranean killing 500 September 17, 2014 […]


  5. The West is really dumb. My sister who lives in Belgium was telling me they they were now getting a lot of Africans. Well as Mrs Tacher said “at some point they will run out of money’. Just turn the boats back and send them back to their country.period. AS for the ones who died at sea i am only sorry for the children. As for the rest “good riddance. They are economical free loaders and certainly not true refugees. In Europe as they do in the USA, they will be on the people’s(the government) dole and they will work without paying taxes, if they work. They will steal and agress people. I know . i lived there and i saw it happened. It is very rarely reported in the press.Lots of them will also be muslim Scum. I ouns harsh but that is the way it is.


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