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US agrees to take MORE of Malta’s illegal aliens!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 28, 2014

Why is this in our national interest?

This is insane!  Illegal aliens (mostly Somalis) arrive on the island nation of Malta and we transform them into legitimate refugees and fly them to America! 

We have been following this perversion of the refugee program for years (longer than the 5 years mentioned in this short article—the Bush Administration started this!).  These illegal migrants are the European Union’s problem, not ours!

Will Europe reciprocate and take some of our illegal Mexicans—NO!

And, by doing this we actually encourage more illegals to try to get to Malta.

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil with US Department of State officials. WHO ARE THESE WOMEN REPRESENTING THE US STATE DEPT? Photo: Malta Today

From Malta Today:

The United States will continue resettling irregular immigrants who arrive in Malta within their nation. The news follows a meeting between Opposition leader Simon Busuttil and American Department of State officials.

“Every year, the US accepts around 70,000 refugees from around the world and for the past five years it has also started taking in 500 refugees a year from Malta.”

“With its gesture, the United States is acting as an example to other countries,” Busuttil said. “As Opposition, we hope that it’s a gesture that will encourage European countries to help lift the weight of immigration off Malta through a system that observes the dignity and rights of all the concerned people and countries.”

We have written more than 50 posts (extending back to 2007) on the US State Department’s outrageous departure from the norm of international refugee resettlement.  Can we now expect the US to take some of the illegal Muslim migrants from the UK, Italy, France etc?

Click here for our extensive Malta archive.  Want to write a book—your research is done!

See also our ‘Invasion of Europe’ series.

Addendum:  Go here and see that we actually took 531 illegal aliens from Malta in the last 11 months. I suspect these are mostly single men.

14 Responses to “US agrees to take MORE of Malta’s illegal aliens!”

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  5. Jewel said

    I have noticed, Ann, that so many of the State Department reps working for refugee dumping are all 20 something year old women. They are dimwitted clucks, gullible, pliable and emotionally manipulated and manipulative. It’s come to a bad place where post adolescent girls are running the State Department.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      That was my reaction when I saw the photo of those girls as well! What is going on, where are the adults?


      • Jewel said

        Worse, Ann, is the complete gutting of men by the Lesbian Hierarchy in both State, DHS and now SECRET SERVICE! Good grief. Did you hear the statement by the spokes’woman’ for the SS incompetence in handling the breach of the WH? What must the enemies of our country think? The full emasculation is going forward. Pretty soon, men will have to hide underground!
        And then nothing will work, because these stupid women don’t realize that it takes manpower to run things.


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  7. Skip Patel said

    The Maltese are Somalis, the “European” immigrants are Turks, Syrians, Afghans and Pakistanis. Those who are involved in the genocide of Middle-Eastern Christians are now “Refugees”. Something stinks!


  8. spikess said

    I suspect they are all Muslim scumbags and their extended families will soon be joining them in America.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      They can apply to bring the family through the same refugee resettlement agency that resettled them—a federal contractor—like Catholic Charities, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Church World Service or any of the other major and minor agencies numbering in the hundreds.


  9. Rumor has it that Obama has his eye on becoming the Secretary General of the Muslim dominated United Nations after leaving the presidency, (that is if he can’t wangle another term). That might explain why he is lavishly spending our tax money on people in countries all over the world, currying favor with everyone except America, and leaving needy citizens high, dry and under-served when compared to illegal aliens.

    The surprising fact about Malta, (a tiny island nation south of Sicily), is that it has less than a half million people and the population is estimated to be 90% Roman Catholic. Not MUSLIM!!!

    Those who run the US refugee racket claim not to know the religions of immigrants that they force upon us, so unless they have tricked the system to select Muslims from the less than 10% of the remaining population, (assuming there are enough Muslims), it is likely that most if not all of the Maltese gimmie-grants are Christians!!!

    It is sad that every move that the Obama administration makes is subject to close scrutiny, but his record and that of his self-serving “cartel” has made Americans a cynical and somewhat paranoid bunch.

    Our suspicions have too often proven to be accurate.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      They are mostly Somali, I’ve followed it for years. It is the Left wing Jesuits on Malta “welcoming” the migrants and urging the US to take them.


  10. Just what we need, more Muslim savages coming here to eventually turn on us. Its Obama’s way of destroying America as we know it. Muslim savages and Illegals from South America all flooding our shores being dumped in cities all over the US. Obama wants America to pay its past sins. Well thats how Obama sees it. He’s turning America into a welfare country and the American people are not doing a damn thing to stop him.


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