RRW week in review for week ending October 10th

For new readers, we occasionally highlight at the end of the week the top posts for the week and the top countries from which readers arrive at RRW.  Previous reports like this one are archived in our blogging category.

For this week the top posts are:

1) Our fact sheet (always in the top three)

2)  Fiscal Year 2014 Wrap-up

3) Norway deports Somalis, but Somali government refuses to take them

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Here are the top countries from which readers arrived at RRW this week (in descending order).  Of course, we exclude the US which is naturally always #1:



United Kingdom


Lebanon (new this week)

Ireland (new this week)





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To regular readers, thank you for your continued concern for this very important issue.  And, sorry for the repetition sometimes, but there are new people joining us every day who know nothing about this complex program aimed at moving third-worlders to Western countries.

4 thoughts on “RRW week in review for week ending October 10th

  1. I like this recap idea. I believe that I read every post, every day, but it is worth it to re-read many of them at the end of the week.
    You must do this feature in your sleep!


    1. Thanks, I like the idea of letting readers know what interests other people! LOL! Not exactly in my sleep but you will notice I do copy and past stuff from previous updates.

      Oh, and I have had readers ask how do they find older stuff at RRW so it’s important to get the message out there about that.

      Do you know there is not a book anywhere on this program, so if there is a would-be author with the patience to write an entire book, the research is all done right here on these pages!


  2. Thanks Ann! Most days I get more from this daily post than from the entire op-ed page of the NYT, which seems to be increasingly taken over by what Steve Sailor calls the “lumpen intelligentsia”.


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