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UK will NOT join EU in plan to rescue migrants in Mediterranean Sea

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 29, 2014

‘Invasion of Europe’ news…..

They say that Italy’s huge effort (soon to end) to rescue the ‘boat people’ illegal migrants trying to reach Europe from North Africa has created a “pull factor.”  No kidding!


Having followed this issue for years, I never dreamed I would see the day when some European country would have the guts to tell this important truth!

And, remember American readers, we have created a “pull factor” by taking illegal migrants who reach Malta to the US as refugees!

From SBS.News:

Britain says it won’t join an EU program to help rescue refugees and migrants sailing across the Mediterranean, expressing sentiments that echo the policy on ‘maritime arrivals’ adopted in Australia.


Asked recently in the House of Lords what naval or air-sea rescue contribution the British government would make to the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, foreign minister Baroness Anelay replied:

“We do not support planned search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean. We believe that they create an unintended ‘pull factor’, encouraging more migrants to attempt the dangerous sea crossing and thereby leading to more tragic and unnecessary deaths.”

The ‘humanitarian industrial complex’ has reacted with not-unexpected rage!

But refugee advocates have reacted with anger to the British government’s refusal to take part in future search operations in the Mediterranean.

“The British government seems oblivious to the fact that the world is in the grip of the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War,” Maurice Wren, chief executive of British Refugee Council said in a statement.

So what is their answer—MORE legal immigration!

“The answer isn’t to build the walls of fortress Europe higher, it’s to provide more safe and legal channels for people to access protection.”

See our ‘invasion of Europe’ series here.  And, if you have time, see our seven years of stories about the mess we have created for Malta.  We took 531 of Malta’s illegal aliens to the US in FY2014!  (See that there were 434 cases and 531 individuals admitted, that means most were single adults.)

Some Somali young man who got on a boat in North Africa (probably Libya) is now being cared for with your tax dollars in your town.

4 Responses to “UK will NOT join EU in plan to rescue migrants in Mediterranean Sea”

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  2. FatherJon said

    Sounds harsh, but I support the UK on this one. They have their own refugee problems at the Sangatte/Dover connection with people trying to enter the UK under trains, lorries and in leaky boats. It was always a big mistake for the Italians to lumber the population of little Lampedusa with thousands of these people. I understand that for every African who settles in Lampedusa a bunch of locals quit for the mainland.

    The Italian govt. is also sneaky by handing out free rail passes for these people to travel anywhere in the EU so as to relieve the pressure on Italian social services. This has been very unpopular with the rest of Europe.

    I think there’s a sympathy overload with the mantra of ‘political asylum’ being sung everywhere. People don’t care anymore how many drown at sea. They’d be better staying at home and fighting to fix the things that ail them in their own countries. We just don’t want them!


  3. petzlx said

    Australia’s policy of turning back boats and guaranteeing those that have success get “refuge” in a third world country (Not Australia)
    Even the political opposition now see the success in this policy.
    Seems there is a lot of money made by those “charity” groups, they are actually nothing more than “People smugglers” no concern for life!


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