So where might those Syrians be going?

Update January 2, 2015:  Here is where 164 of them have gone so far in the last couple of months.

Yesterday we learned that the Obama Administration committed the United States to take 9,000 Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees  in FY 2015 which is already two months underway, and place them throughout America at some of their 180 cities where federal contractors are waiting to sign them up for social services, give them employment counseling, take care of their health needs and sign the children up for school.

Here is a map of where they could be placed.  Is your city on it?

See the legend on the right hand side of the map.  Those are the initials for the nine major contractors:

What you should do is go to this list of federal refugee contractors (listed by city) and call them.  And, by the way, don’t assume that if your city doesn’t have a colored dot you are off the hook.  They can place them within a hundred miles of a contractor’s office.  When you call, ask how many Syrians are coming to your town?  Then contact your local newspaper, your local elected officials and your representatives in Washington and let them know what you think!

Direct your ire at refuge contractors and elected officials at all levels of government, not at the refugees who are only taking advantage of a good deal.

Please send us anything you learn and send links to news stories about their arrival.

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  1. (continued)
    For example, what was once called the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (i.e. HIAS) still notes its history – from 1881 as the nation’s oldest refugee help agency.

    Its Dec 2014 career openings include – fluent in Farsi, Armenian or Arabic – fluent in Spanish
    and – with experience with UNHCR

    Its youtube channel
    features a video on the estimated 60,000 new-comers in Israel,
    with the title: “Infiltrators” or Refugees? Asylum Seekers in Israel


  2. HIAS has changed its name and its mission. Its website no longer includes the word “Hebrew.” It is moving to Silver Spring, MD in the DC area. AND (12/24/2014)
    “Alphabet soup: HIAS is the latest organization to rebrand itself” By Dmitriy Shapiro (December 18, 2014)
    HIAS’ expansion and rebranding included making the group’s acronym its official name. Hetfield said the word “Hebrew” is exclusionary and outdated, much as the word “colored” is to refer to African Americans.
    “It’s not over” by Mark Hetfield, President and CEO of HIAS. (August 7, 2013)
    What HIAS has done is moved from the “Exodus” period of our first 120 years, in which HIAS focused on bringing Jews from oppression to freedom, to HIAS’ “Leviticus” period, in which we fulfill Jewish values and assist refugees of all faiths and ethnicities based on our own Exodus experiences.


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    USCCB is so compromised in their political affair with Obama and his hair brained foreign policies and proxy wars and coups; that it makes you wonder if the Bishops and Cardinals are “on the take.”


  4. Yes, I can understand granting temporary refuge to those minorities. They’re generally peaceful people and don’t subscribe to any of that Koranic madness, with calls to cut off non-believers’ heads.


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