RRW weekly wrap-up for January 10, 2015: Best week ever!

Wow!  If the readers continue to arrive in droves as they have this past week, 2015 will be a banner year.  For the many new readers who arrived since January first, we are entering our 8th year of writing this very narrowly focused blog and we are very pleased at the growing interest in an increasingly important US LEGAL immigration program.  We also report on refugee and asylum issues around the world which helps us all better understand the problems freedom-loving Western societies are facing.

We try to do a weekly round-up every week mostly so that readers know what is interesting other readers.  We like to let you know from where around the world our readers arrive, and we help new readers find useful information among our 6,000 plus posts.

Here are the top three posts of the week ending January 10th (top daily posts are in the right hand side bar):

1.  Syrian Muslims headed to North Dakota, Nebraska and Kentucky.

2.  Maine Governor re-elected, keeps his word, cuts welfare for illegal aliens/asylum seekers.

3.  Portland, Maine: White cabbie files discrimination lawsuit against city.

Usually our fact sheet is in the top three, check it out here.

Here are the top ten countries (after the US) from which readers arrived at RRW (in descending order):







South Africa



New Zealand

For new readers!

Since we get new readers every day, here is my usual spiel.

This is where you can find information if you are arriving here at RRW for the first time (in addition to our fact sheet). We have over 6,000 posts.

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*  Also, we have a great search function and since neither the categories nor the tags go all the way back to our first posts more than seven years ago, use the search window with a few key words.  You might want to first try your city, state, or country to see what we have reported from there over the years.

Readers from Europe should search for key words ‘Invasion of Europe’ for all of our many posts on the migration crisis on the Continent.

By the way, our category entitled ‘where to find information’ is filled with reports and documents, but with 315 posts archived there, it is pretty unwieldy now.

Past weekly roundups can be found in our category entitled ‘blogging.’

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To regular readers, thank you for your continued concern for this very important issue.