RRW weekly roundup for the week ending January 23rd, 2015

This month we are on target to having the best daily visitor average ever!  However, since I am going away to speak about refugees at the end of the coming week and won’t be able to post for three days, we might not make it to the best month ever (which so far is October 2014).

We didn’t publish a weekly summary last week mostly because the same posts that topped the list were the same ones that everyone was reading the previous week!  And, because I am lazy sometimes!

I don’t get it, but one of those posts is still the Top Post three weeks running!  Here are this week’s top three (daily top posts are in the right hand side bar):

1)  Syrian Muslims headed to North Dakota, Nebraska and Kentucky  (LOL! Don’t think you are off the hook if you live in another state, just about every state is going to get some!)

2)  Denmark: How its Muslim immigrants are destroying the country (economically and culturally)

3)   Construction of new mosque in Twin Falls, ID the result of Muslim refugee influx

Top countries

Here are the top ten countries from which we received readers (excluding the US) this past week.  Looks like many of the usual ones:





South Africa






Slightly lower on the list and much more interesting are: Jamaica, Japan, Israel, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Turkey, Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia.

For new readers!

Since we get new readers every day, here is my usual spiel with two new comments from me:

First, we do screen our comments and don’t post any that threaten any kind of violence and we don’t post ones filled with foul language.  An occasional expletive might slip in if the comment is otherwise a good one.  You are always free to disagree with our point of view if you follow those two simple rules.

And the other thing I want to mention is about e-mails that come to you every time we post.  They come directly from wordpress to subscribers.  We don’t send out e-mails.  So, if we are posting too much for your e-mail inbox, then just unsubscribe and visit RRW when you have the time I understand completely about too many e-mails!  You might want to simply follow us on twitter or on facebook (below).

This is where you can find information if you are arriving here at RRW for the first time (in addition to our fact sheet). We have over 6,000 posts.

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*  Also, we have a great search function and since neither the categories nor the tags go all the way back to our first posts more than seven years ago, use the search window with a few key words.  You might want to first try your city, state, or country to see what we have reported from there over the years.

Readers from Europe should search for key words ‘Invasion of Europe’ for all of our many posts on the migration crisis on the Continent.

By the way, our category entitled ‘where to find information’ is filled with reports and documents, but with 319 posts archived there, it is pretty unwieldy now.

Past weekly roundups can be found in our category entitled ‘blogging.’

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And apologies to all who e-mail and comment, sorry if I don’t respond much, there are just not enough hours in my day!

It occurs to me that I do see everyone’s comments to posts because we do screen them (no foul language, no threats), so if you have something you want me to see, I don’t at all mind if you send the link as a comment to a post, even if it’s off-topic.

To regular readers, thank you for your continued concern for this very important issue.


3 thoughts on “RRW weekly roundup for the week ending January 23rd, 2015

  1. Ms. Corcoran,

    As a new reader who discovered your work thanks to a mention by John Derbyshire, I am astounded by the quantity and quality of your work. You’re right that the emails are a little overwhelming, but I always learn something new (and dispiriting) with each one. Thank you for your tireless efforts. Hopefully one day reason will win out over this insanity.

    Sincerely, Matt Gebert Leesburg, VA


    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement! Hope springs eternal (that is the second time I’ve needed that phrase today)! If we each find our little piece of the insanity and work on it day after day, reason will prevail—I believe that!


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