Sweden is rape capital of the world

Thanks to everyone who sent this important report from the Gatestone Institute which defines very clearly how the multicultural experiment in the socialists’ dream land—Sweden—has gone very wrong.  And, it isn’t just Islamophobes making the case, here is an incredible graph from the United Nations.




Go here for our complete archive on Sweden where we have been making the case for years that the country is the immigration ‘canary in the coal mine’ for the West.  Don’t miss ‘UN calls Sweden ‘Afrophobic’!

9 thoughts on “Sweden is rape capital of the world

  1. Why is South Africa not on the list? It would far outstrip even Sweden with one rape every 4 minutes!!!
    Possibly because the communist ANC government has stopped giving out stats?


  2. I’m sure it’s increased in Sweden but the key phrase here is “police reported rapes”
    In the US for example, there are more men raped, primarily in prison, than women, and I’m sure they are not “police reported”
    Similarly, women being raped in the US military is endemic: it too is not reported.


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