A reader from Malta gives us a look at what the illegal aliens are doing to the tiny island nation

Update March 20th:  Now a bunch of rich Germans are going to rescue illegal aliens at sea, sure hope they take them to Germany and not Malta!

Editors note:  We have been following the plight of Malta since our earliest days of writing this blog.  As an island in the Mediterranean Sea it serves as a beachhead for the invaders arriving in Europe from Africa and the Middle East.

In some weeks our readers from Malta are near the top of the list of our readers worldwide!

There are many other routes to Europe, but this is the clearest one depicting Malta in the line of fire.

Why should you, American readers, care about Malta?

First, because the invasion of Europe should be of great concern to anyone watching the destruction of western civilization and secondly because the US State Department, illegally in my opinion!, transforms some of Malta’s illegal aliens into refugees destined for your American towns!

In the first 5 months of Fiscal Year 2015, we have “resettled” 274*** of Malta’s illegal aliens to America (see stats here).  They are somewhere now in small town America.

Here is what Maltese citizen Charles Sammut told us today:

“I am attaching just a small list of acts of gratitude that we receive from these poor refugees that we welcome on our tiny island. That is just in one day!”

* Woman murdered, Libyan suspect flees to Italy, here.

* Algerian man admits to defiling niece at her grandmother’s house, gets probation, here.

* Syrian accused of raping ‘drunk’ Romanian woman in his car after giving her a lift, here.

I assume it isn’t escaping your notice that these are all crimes against women.

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***When you look at the stats note that there are 274 individuals representing 248 cases which means that the vast majority being brought to America are single people—most likely young single men!

6 thoughts on “A reader from Malta gives us a look at what the illegal aliens are doing to the tiny island nation

  1. True to their Christian beliefs, the Maltese have rescued many boat people from the sea and saved refugees from certain death who were found clinging to buoys after their overloaded boats had capsized. With Malta GC being in the the EU it is shameful that the European Union has abandoned them to this problem being as they are on the front line of a refugee crisis.


  2. I wonder why they are not landing in Corsica, or Sicily. As always, even for those refugees and asylum seekers who arrive in America, they are mostly male. In recent years it has been close, but still mostly male – something like 52% in some years , up to 54% in other recent years. And yet all we hear about is how it is “the women and children” that we are helping.


    1. thanks to goolge translate
      Refugees. Italy proposes camps in Africa where seek asylum in EU TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 2015 11:38

      The main focus, however, remains to avoid departures. How? Offering profugh the input channel in Europe and regular alternative to the dangerous crossings of the Strait of Sicily.


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