In refugee-saturated North Carolina, Burmese refugee kills Burmese children in his neighborhood

Update March 19th:  See refugee agency “disturbed” and quick to say refugees have criminal background checks before arriving in the US.  So what about mental illness screening?  The victims had only been in the US for just a little over 4 months.

He was described as crazy and people feared him.

So the next time a resettlement contractor tells you that refugees are screened before entering the US, remember that mental illness is obviously not a bar to admission.

The accused murderer, 18 year old Eh Lar Doh Htoo is believed to be Karen (Christian).

Although this creep doesn’t appear to be a Muslim as was the Burmese child murderer in Utah, Esar Met, he should never have been allowed into the US.  His mental problems were likely apparent to his interviewers as were Met’s.

From the Charlotte Observer (hat tip: Cathy):


A Burmese immigrant accused of stabbing three young brothers to death had scared a different neighborhood family by knocking on their door several times in the middle of the night.

“He’s crazy,” neighbor Ner Wah said Wednesday. “I told my wife: ‘Be careful. Don’t answer the door.'”

The suspect, identified as 18-year-old Eh Lar Doh Htoo, attacked a Burmese family in their home Tuesday night with a knife, killing the brothers — ages 1, 5 and 12, police said. When officers arrived, he was still holding the knife, New Bern Police Chief Toussaint Summers Jr. told The Associated Press.

Htoo also wounded the brothers’ mother and their 14-year-old sister. Police said they don’t know a motive for the attack and a language barrier hampered their investigation.   [Expensive interpreters will be called in and you, the taxpayer, pay for that service—ed]


New Bern is a coastal town and home to about 1,900 Burmese refugees, who resettled in the area after fleeing persecution from the country once called Burma.


Susan Husson, executive director of the Interfaith Refugee Ministry in New Bern, said the victims’ family and the suspect’s family likely came through her office before settling in New Bern, but she didn’t know them personally.

20,581 refugees were resettled in North Carolina since January 2005. 7,432 of them were Burmese.

Interfaith Refugee Ministry

On this last point (above) two comments:  First, interesting that they must resettle so many refugees in New Bern that the director doesn’t even know the people she has brought to the city.  And, then reader Cathy pointed out that maybe people are catching on and someone directed this reporter to the agency responsible for bringing them to New Bern— Interfaith Refugee Ministry.  It used to be very rare for reporters to figure out there was an agency involved when refugees ‘find their way’ to this town or that town.

Checking a recent Form 990 for Interfaith Refugee Ministry, we learned that they took in $1,138,222 one recent year and $1,054,809 came to them from you—via government grants.  They are 93% funded by taxpayer dollars, therefore they are an arm of the federal government, not a charitable ‘church’ group!

How many Burmese Muslims are entering the US?

Again, the accused killer is being described as belonging to the Karen ethnic group which are Christians.

However, I was recently shocked doing some numbers research to learn that the US admitted 1,439 Burmese Muslims to the US in 2014 alone.

North Carolina is not in the Top Ten resettlement states, but falls just short of making the list, here, at number twelve.

5 thoughts on “In refugee-saturated North Carolina, Burmese refugee kills Burmese children in his neighborhood

  1. If in fact the murderer was a Burmese Christian what religion were the family members he murdered? Were they Muslims?
    If so, why would the loving contractor and the loving federal government bring to the USA two groups who are violently opposed to each other in their own cesspool country into the same town in North Carolina? Is this a part of the famous
    “orchestrated crisis” plan from Communists Cloward and Pivin?

    What part of George Soros psyche requires that he use his billions and billions of American taxpayer dollars to unilaterally punish millions of Americans? He is in total control of the Democrat Party, (his stated mission) the State Department and by extension, the United Nations, Obama is his obedient bag-boy and he works in concert with George who manipulates the currency of entire countries for his portfolio investments

    When hundreds of peace-loving Americans trundle their kids off to school, did they ever imagine, (or do they even know or care now), that the destinies of their loved ones were controlled by a relative few Muslim loving, white Christian hating, revenge minded racist few?


    1. In fact we are bringing the opposing forces to America. WE took in 20,000 Iraqis last year …. the number of Muslims in the mix are almost evenly split between Shiites and Sunnis! Are they just going to continue their centuries long conflicts in American towns?


  2. I came across this after signing out of my email and came over here to see if you had it!

    At 1900 Burmese, the ‘refugees’ make up 5% of new Bern’s population. I have been to New Bern several times, its a pretty coastal city with a lot of history, the second oldest European town in NC and it was the capital during colonial times. The quote from the article that jumped out at me was this:

    “‘We were scared. We just locked the door’, said 23 year old Yyoch Rmah, who moved to the US from Vietnam in 2006.

    He said there were a lot of Burmese refugees in the neighborhood, and people from other countries.

    ‘People keep to themselves’, he said.

    Loss of trust is a symptom of a fractured society. I imagine it will only get worse.


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