Tensions grow in Saint Cloud, MN as more Somalis move in with help of Lutherans

Update March 31st:  Leftwing community organizer and race baiter at work in St. Cloud, here.  His goal is to shut down any criticism of the Somali ‘community.’

Update March 30th:  I think the St. Cloud Times is helping with the propaganda campaign with this report on why Somalis make wonderful employees (not!).

Update March 26th:  More on who is to blame—Lutheran Social Service of Minnesotago here to see what you can do!

Update March 24th:  Now the agitation begins in earnest as CAIR arrives on the scene, here.

A few years ago Saint Cloud, MN was targeted as a new Somali resettlement site by the US State Department and its contractor there— Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.

Originally the Somalis there were what the refugee industry calls “secondary migrants” who move in from other areas of the state or from another state—usually because they hear that an enclave of their kind of people is growing, sometimes for jobs, and sometimes for better welfare.

A group of students in protest walked out of classes Wednesday at Technical High School. (Photo: Jason Wachter, jwachter@stcloudtimes.com)

St. Cloud’s Somali population is now growing as Somalis are arriving directly from hot spots around the world.  (The direct resettlement by the Lutherans to St. Cloud began in around 2010.)

See how the US State Department and its contractors (Lutheran, Catholic and Evangelical contractors) have salted (seeded!) over 6o towns in Minnesota with Somalis in the last ten years!

So is it any surprise that diversity is not beautiful and tensions are building between Somali students and African American and white students in places like Tech High here this past Wedesday?

From St. Cloud Times (hat tip:  Joanne via Bare Naked Islam):

Ethinic tension inside Technical High School became public spectacle Wednesday on its south lawn as more than 100 students and parents, most of them Somali, protested what they described as a pattern of bullying and discrimination to which school officials have not adequately responded.

The protest started shortly before noon. Protesters, including students and parents, chanted slogans and waved posters.

Read all about it here.

Pay attention new proposed resettlement sites like Spartanburg, SC!   You do not want a resettlement agency to open in your town!  See our Ten things your town needs to know!

We have resettled 3,944 Somalis to the US in the first five months of fiscal year 2015 alone!

Why is it the US’s responsibility to continue to admit Somalis—something we have been doing for decades?

According to the US State Department’s handy list of contractors the Lutheran resettlement agency in St. Cloud is here:

MN-LIRS-08: Lutheran Social Services Of Minnesota
22 Wilson Avenue Suite 110
St. Cloud, MN 56302

Our entire St. Cloud archive is here.

Don’t miss ‘doing well by doing good’ about the former CEO of Lutheran Social Services pulling down an annual salary of over $400,000 a year!

12 thoughts on “Tensions grow in Saint Cloud, MN as more Somalis move in with help of Lutherans

  1. As a local Minnesotan I have seen the tensions, read the articles and heard the news reports. Things are not always postive. As an American, I can understand why some people would want to be here – within reason.

    I have ‘mixed’ views on this issue for many reasons.
    Things I’m NOT ok with…
    – The amount of profits these organizations are making off of our tax payers dollars is awful.
    – Assistance should only be limited to 1-3 months. We have enough of Americans who are ALREADY struggling to make it. We cannot afford to support more people.
    – I dont like it that people try to make this a racial or religious problem because its not. It’s a money and cultural issue.
    – DO NOT COME to my country if you dont like that women have rights, voices and are allowed an education. There have been groups of Somalis protesting that women don’t belong in college but at home. This is not ok – yet they are protected by Freedom of Speech.

    I’m ok with….
    – America is a country that will provide safety and education to woman and children who come here.
    – Learning from each others religious and culture differences to move forward with community relationships.
    -Gaining an understanding as to what the conflicts and immigration around the world effect each other. We are NOT the only country with high immigration rates. Germany has had high immigration rates of Turkish individuals. As a country and global community we need to look at these issues together.

    Something I don’t understand and worry about is ALL the tension we have here in the US. The tensions we currently are seeing and that are building are:
    Police brutality
    War on Drugs Controversy
    Racial Profiling
    Gay Rights – many subdivisions of issues
    Woman’s rights – many subdivision of issues
    Economical inequality / Class War
    Environmental conflicts
    Political Corruption
    Big Business Corruption

    And the list could go on….sadly most of these issues boil down to ONE thing – MONEY.

    I can’t help but question when a civil war will break out?
    When and if it happens – how will our diversity effect the future of our country?

    Just my thoughts…. and I dont speak for anyone but myself (just to point out my disclaimer).

    Thanks for reading and Great article.


    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to give us your thoughts. I think many of us share those same concerns. Where it will lead is the big question isn’t it!

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  2. Its all about the money to be made by these organizations they don’t need to live in the towns where these refugees are dumped so its all dropped on the city government and the taxpayers to support all of them.

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  3. I think we can see the pattern here, politicians and entrepreneurs making big bucks and gaining votes by bringing in heaps of incompatible migrants from heavily traditional cultures. America used to have very high standards before allowing immigration from Europe, let alone Africa and the Middle East.

    We’ve had a similar pattern in Australia since the ’70s as politicians of all stripes have connived to swamp us with useless incompatible migrant families from Africa and the Middle East, many of whom go on to have large families in order to benefit from child allowances, free education and all the goodies of the welfare state while providing little benefit to the community by their efforts.

    Figures vary but a large percentage of these migrants never work a day in their lives so generous is the welfare state.
    Well, I mean, wouldn’t you, dear reader, if you were guaranteed a handsome income for your large and growing family without performing other than in the family bedroom?

    It’s a disgrace and everybody’s reacting against it.


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