Malta ‘invasion of Europe’ news: More die crossing Mediterranean, UN says EU must rescue them

But, how about using the Australian model (which is saving lives) and turning the boats back to Libya and other launching points in North Africa?  It is the only option to save Europe!

Our correspondent in Malta is reporting that this latest wave of migrants is (according to Italian press) being herded on to boats in failed states (Libya! Thanks Hillary!) without even having to pay traffickers.  In other words, it is a deliberate plan to push invaders to Europe, something ISIS is promising to do!

From Malta Today:

Rescuing the invaders. Malta Today photo: MOAS/Darrin Zammit Lupi

With a new and large-scale boat tragedy reported on the Mediterranean, UNHCR has appealed afresh to governments across the region to prioritize the saving of lives, including by urgently expanding and upgrading search and rescue capacities.

The latest incident involves the capsizing of a double-deck boat on Monday in waters about 120 kilometres south of Lampedusa. 142 people were rescued and eight bodies recovered.

But some 400 others said by survivors to have been aboard are feared lost.

“I was deeply shocked when hearing the news that another boat, an overcrowded boat capsized in the Mediterranean and where four hundred people died. This only demonstrates how important it is to have a robust rescue-at-sea mechanism in the central Mediterranean,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said.


So far in 2015, some 31,500 people are known to have made crossings to Italy and Greece – the first and second largest countries of arrival respectively. And numbers have recently been picking up further. According to the Italian Coast Guard more than 8,500 people have been rescued from several dozen boats and rubber dinghies since 10 April. If the 400 deaths are confirmed from the latest incident the death toll so far this year will have reached 900.

Amnesty International said that all indications point to a continued rise in the number of migrants and refugees making this trip as the weather improves, violence and persecution continue in countries like Syria and Eritrea, and instability persists in Libya, the launching point for the majority of the people-smuggling voyages across the Mediterranean.

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Americans this affects you!

US readers, pay attention to Malta since some of those same illegal migrants rescued by the Maltese navy are being sent to your towns in America

This week we learned that some went to South Carolina!

Update:  NGOs want safe and legal access to Europe for all! Here!

5 thoughts on “Malta ‘invasion of Europe’ news: More die crossing Mediterranean, UN says EU must rescue them

  1. Doesn’t anyone have a comment about the fact that all of these “boat invaders” from North Africa are almost 100% males? Where are the women and children? This fact is so disconcerting, it should tell all of us that there is something inherently wrong with these waves of “refugees” from Africa. Don’t readers see the obvious?


  2. Week after week, we are watching events that will destroy Europe as we have known it. Europe is committing suicide for a blind belief that multiculturalism must be followed like a religion. Any honest thinker knows all cultures are not of equal value. Sorry to have to say it, but these invaders should all be turned back, and if they all drown in the sea, so be it. If we don’t draw the line and enforce it, we will ultimately succumb to this plague.


    1. Well said Jack, sadly it’s only a few of us who recognise the inevitability of the takeover of Europe and the death of the many historical roots that created us. As these people have shown they are blindly dedicated to establishing their own version of ‘Year One’ destroying everything that came before. Sweden is just one such example of blind liberal dogmatism taken to a new damaging level –


  3. Where illegal immigrants are concerned arriving by plane, or as undocumented stowaways on cargo ships, it’s always been an internationally accepted practice to send them back to their last port of embarkation or, failing that, to carry them around the world as supernumerary crew on the ships they stowed away on. Like the ‘Flying Dutchman’ they’re destined to stay on the ships for the rest of their lives, or until they arrive back to the country they are citizens of. Indeed there are airport transit passenger lounges where some of these people sleep away their lives never to be allowed into the countries they seek to accept them.
    All of that seems to have gone by the board nowadays as boatloads deliver thousands of such people to countries they’re not wanted in.


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