Rep. Trey Gowdy must go beyond questions about refugee resettlement in his district to help other towns grappling with refugee overload

Rep. Trey Gowdy says he has no role in the resettlement process occurring in his district:

“…. our office does not have a role under the law in the implementation of such a [resettlement] plan….”

He, above all other Members of Congress, does have a role when it comes to who is resettled in American towns and from where they hail!

Gowdy has taken a good first step, but he can do much much more as he sits in the ‘catbird seat’ as chairman of the subcommittee responsible for overseeing the entire Refugee Admissions Program

Gowdy is chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security and he could hold oversight hearings tomorrow and help other struggling towns by helping concerned citizens get answers as to how and why the secrecy surrounding resettlement plans for the last 35 years.

And, indeed, he and all members of his Judiciary Committee and those on the Senate Judiciary Committee have the opportunity (requirement!) UNDER THE LAW to review the Presidential Determination Letter and supporting documents that are submitted to Congress every September by the White House/US State Department.

Here is the one submitted for FY2015.   And, here is the full report submitted to Congress for FY2015. (This is the 78-page document in pdf format.)

I wonder did Mr. Gowdy ever even lay eyes on these documents?

I asked once if I could attend the submission of the Presidential Determination Letter to Congress, but was denied.  And, my best guess is that there isn’t even any formal presentation to attend because Congress has a history of rubber-stamping it!

In fact, we have heard from reliable sources that Congress NEVER makes a change to what the President asks for, and I will bet a buck no one even seriously examines the plan for the country.

Did anyone in Congress ever question the large numbers of refugees coming now from countries where the people hate us or are sympathetic to the Islamic State—from Somalia, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Bosnia, Burma (yes, we are taking Muslims from Burma!) and now Syria?  Many of those ethnic groups were mentioned in the Presidential plan over the years.

There are two good articles this morning on the latest from Rep. Trey Gowdy’s office.

Gowdy did hear back from the US State Department with answers to his original set of questions and has now responded with a new set.

It is a lot of information, but serious students of the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program should read carefully, first, Richard Falknor’s post at Blue Ridge Forum:

Trey Gowdy Has An Oversight Duty For Refugee Programs

And, then Leo Hohmann’s latest at World Net Daily:

Congressman seeks to unlock secret refugee program

There are two points that interested me that I don’t believe were mentioned in either of those two excellent articles.

Where was Senator Tim Scott?  Was he invited?

Although, as we learned from the State Department, Senator Lindsey Graham’s office was asked to participate in meetings over a year ago to discuss the “plan” for Spartanburg, there is no mention of South Carolina’s other US Senator Tim Scott.  What?  Since Graham was a known quantity on immigration as one of the infamous Gang of Eight promoting amnesty….

…did the US State Department think maybe the more conservative Scott should be kept out of the process?

And then in the last line (question 17) of the US State Department’s response to Gowdy we learn this:

PRM requires that the local affiliates [their name for subcontractors–ed] convene a community consultation to plan for submission of this proposal.

The Bureau of Population Refugees and Migration in the US State Department is telling us that there is supposed to be community consultation before the ABSTRACT we told you about here is sent to Washington.   Where is the consultation in the over 190 cities and towns where federal resettlement subcontractors are working?

Everyone concerned with refugee overload in your town, or the possibility of refugees being resettled in your town anywhere in a hundred miles of one of those subcontractor offices listed here, should call the subcontractor and ask for their most recent ‘abstract’ and ask when they will be holding the next COMMUNITY CONSULTATION so that you can attend!

Call Gowdy and tell him to HOLD HEARINGS!  202-225-6030!

For new readers, we have a growing archive on ‘Spartanburg’ so click here for background.

19 thoughts on “Rep. Trey Gowdy must go beyond questions about refugee resettlement in his district to help other towns grappling with refugee overload

    1. Ann,

      How best to stir up a counteroffensive based on routing refugees to wealthy areas?

      I’m assuming that no one with wealth or power is in danger of having a load of say Muslims, dropped off in their back yard. I don’t see any reason why it should not be required that “welcoming communities” include wealthy communities. There should e no legal obstacles to doing so. After all, it wouldn’t be an attempt to stop the refugees from coming. It would just be redirecting them so the rich and powerful get to share the fun.

      Whatever, however, ways need to be found to start playing offense. Guys like Gowdy can’t always be fighting from a defensive posture.

      My cents.

      I’ll donate.


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      1. I agree and wish there were enough of us organized enough and with even a fraction of the money that the other side has at its disposal to go on the offense.


        1. Ann,

          I agree, this would be resource intensive, but it seems that they law would be clear so protracted legal battles would be unlikely. The worst it may come down to is litigating one of the enabling sponsor groups, one of the faith community sponsors possibly if they won’t cooperate in exploring a proposal to steer refugees into high income not-so-welcomunnities. The harder that they, and they proposed community fought it, the worse they’d look.

          This might be something that the right attorneys would look into pro-bono.

          Sorry, but the best quote that comes to mind is one from a Woody Allen movie, I forget which one: “not everyone is corrupt”.



          1. Unfortunately our side doesn’t have lawyers falling all over themselves to help us. Although I agree that tactics like you suggest are ones we need to be exploring!


          2. Ann,

            Are there any concrete paths identified to pushing back? From what you say about the entities pushing the refugee resettlement agenda having far more money and resources etc should I conclude that the only thing that the only things that can be done are to contact the congressional rep in the area affected? If there is no serious effort for major pushback in place or being planned, this calling your congressman thing will just go nowhere is my opinion.

            Numbers USA faxes congressmen to death and I’m not seeing much from them.

            I haven’t given this site a real walk through. Hopefully I’ll see some about about organized pushback.



          3. Jim, There is no magic bullet. Except of course if people in communities where they live push back against it locally. You are right that Congress is almost useless now except in certain targeted locations. Gowdy is important because we could really get some national exposure on this program if he would hold oversight hearings that have never been held as far as I know. Everywhere I go people are looking for a national leader to step up, or a lawsuit that could be filed, but nothing short of people in affected communities organizing (as the left does), educating others and pushing back starting at the local elected office level will we see any progress. And, that, frankly is a lot of work!

            I’ve been simply trying to educate people about the program for the last almost 8 years and I think, not just because of me, but because it is finally in the faces of more and more people that there is a problem and we are losing nothing less than our Western culture.


        2. Ann,

          First, not in any way diminishing your effort which is essential and very much appreciated by many I’m sure.

          Stuff like this is kind of the tip of the spear of the left’s agenda. And they are a lot better at it. This is straight up undiluted Saul Alinsky destroy from within.

          If all there is now is call Gowdy’s office I’ll do it. I’ve already emailed Sessions but no response.

          Like I said this should be straight up stuff for the right attorneys. By stuff I mean counterpunching with forcing wealthy liberal enclaves to accept w whole bunch of the folks that they hold so dear.

          Nothing gets attention better than in landing in their back yard. They love to do their social engineering from a safe distance.



          1. I agree it is straight up Alinsky (Cloward and Piven too), however, I don’t know any attorneys, and I just work on my piece of this —educating—or else I would go mad!


          2. Ann,

            There must be some concerned conservative organizations that have attorneys. Or maybe its a sellout across the board. I’ll starting looking around, and I’ll call Gowdy’s office. I find the stock comments people make cooking down to “deport them”, “send them back” without any thought as to how almost as frustrating as the violation itself.

            I do know one well connected lawyer who might be able to provide some guidance.



        1. Taxes is not what I was driving at. Living near a refugee community, or a refugee community living within theirs is what I was driving at. If St Cloud, Twin Falls, and Spartanburg are to benefit so much from immigrant populations, wouldn’t say, Cape Cod likewise be improved as a community by an influx of Muslims, or Sanibel Is by Haitians?

          As I side bar, I don’t recall any low income housing when driving through Malibu, or apartments of any kind for that matter.


  1. Reblogged this on theflyingcameldotorg and commented:
    Ann, thank you so much for this article. It seems WND is towing the party line by portraying Gowdy as the caped crusader, single handedly exposing the refugee resettlement programme’s policy of impregnating the country with Syrian Muslim “refugees”. (Even though it is the Syrian Christians who are being slaughtered on a massive scale).

    “Congressman seeks to unlock secret Muslim refugee program”


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