Small EU countries: Don’t shove migrants down our throats…..

…..when you ‘welcomed’ them to Europe’s shores in the first place!

More ‘Invasion of Europe’ news…..


Europe here we come! Migrants rescued off Italy. Don’t they look like an invading army?


The European Union is attempting to force a quota system on all EU countries demanding that everyone take a share of the tens of thousands of mostly African and Middle Eastern migrants flowing in to border countries like Italy, Malta and Greece.

Some countries are having none of it!

From the Associated Press via

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union plans to introduce a quota system obliging countries to share the burden of settling refugees unraveled Friday as member nations began rejecting the scheme.

Hungary, Slovakia and Estonia are among those to publicly object to a quota system, which would require unanimous agreement among the 28 EU nations.

Hold on a minute! Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says its “crazy” that you let them in and now we (who didn’t want them let in) are expected to take them!

“This is not solidarity. It is an unfair, unrighteous and dishonorable proposal which we cannot accept,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on state radio. “It is a crazy idea for someone to let refugees into their own country, not defend their borders, and then say: ‘Now I will distribute them among you, who did not want to let anyone in.'”

In a statement to The Associated Press, Slovakia’s interior ministry said that it “currently refuses binding quotas on migrants.” Estonia said it prefers voluntary relocation and resettlement for refugees.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged that it will be “hard work” to put a quota system in place but said there was “a large group of countries” in favor. Merkel said she was “convinced that we will not be able to do without a solution in solidarity in Europe.”

Germany, along with Sweden and France, is among a handful of countries accepting refugees. [Really dumb!—ed]

The EU’s executive Commission was to propose the plan next Wednesday as part of a strategy to help frontline countries Italy, Greece and Malta cope with thousands of migrants.

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There is only one solution to stop the invasion—-turn the boats back to the North African coast as Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott recommends, here.

5 thoughts on “Small EU countries: Don’t shove migrants down our throats…..

  1. On the other hand especially Sweden but also I guess France and such is in the most desperate need to stop the lunatics.

    That doesn’t mean all other countries should be ruined too. It would had been enough if it stopped here.


  2. Refugees have by definition suffered severe trauma in losing both family, housing, jobs and other resources. To ship them to another, always strange and often conflicting culture is inhuman in itself. The forced refugees will be labeled…. They will find total cultural clashes, including customs, education, housing, shopping, language and employment! They are best when maintained near their home countries so that they can be repatriated at the right time.

    Consideration of the receiving country and neighborhood is essential. These cities, with their schools, hospitals and churches present costly outlays, and their citizens, governments and school administrators must be consulted in advance, for the efforts involved are enormous.


      1. Thanks, Ann, for the support. Think, for a moment, of the unofficial refugees, fleeing in boats across the Med. What do they have if they reach distant shores? virtually, nothing. I hesitate to encourage foreign governments to enter the miasma of Libya, for example, and clear out a territory, free it from violence, and rebuild schools and other infrastructure. Sadly, it is totally unworkable. The armies challenging for hegemony there may go on indefinitely, even though the West supports the impotent government. Human desperation envisions many possibilities, and for some, at least, the only option remains to start over–somewhere else. That, in turn, requires a whole host of preconditions on the part of the receiving governments, too numerous to list here. It is, however, a major requirement for every receiving community to be “given” resources to assist the refugees. To undertake this process correctly makes the mind shudder and consider a united military operation to suppress the rivals–in Libya, Syria or Yemen–and simply impose law and order and rebuild a failed state, Then, too, “Whose law and order?” At this point, Humpty-Dumpty has fallen from the wall, and the peaceful nations are paying a hefty price to embrace the refugees “…while Rome burns,” and who will “…put it back together again.”?


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