Invasion of Europe continues unabated as thousands come through the Western Balkans

Americans pay attention to Europe!  We are not far behind because our ‘leaders’ in Washington are spineless!

There is a lot happening in the ‘Invasion of Europe’ and really too much to post it all here, but this morning here (below) are several stories making the news.

Western Balkans.

For new readers, we have a large archive of posts on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ which you can find by clicking here.

First, from the UN News Centre refugees are streaming into the Western Balkans (emphasis below is mine):

12 June 2015 – Southern Europe’s migrant and refugee crisis has reached the Western Balkans where an increasing number of asylum-seekers are using the region’s migration routes to flee their home countries, the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) has confirmed.

Addressing a press conference in Geneva earlier today, UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards told reporters of a dramatic uptick in the number of men, women and children using the so-called ‘Western Balkans route’ as they seek to reach Western Europe. Many are also registering for asylum in the Western Balkans – a region which has seen a four-fold increase in the number of asylum-seekers since 2012. In 2015, Mr. Edwards added, Serbia alone has seen over 22,000 asylum claims lodged in the first four months of the year.

As migrants and refugees – many of whom originate from refugee-producing countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, and Somalia [mostly Muslim countries by the way—ed]– course across mountain paths and train tracks in order to pierce through the Western Balkans’ borders, they remain dangerously vulnerable to violence, abuse and accidents. According to UNHCR, many have been also moving through the region irregularly with the help of smugglers, only adding to the dangers to which they are exposed.

Overall, the UN’s official figures show that as of 8 June a total of 103,000 refugees and migrants have arrived in Europe: 54,000 in Italy, 48,000 in Greece, 91 on Malta and 920 in Spain. The latest tally includes around 6,000 migrants and refugees who were disembarked in southern Italy last weekend in a major rescue operation coordinated by the Italian Coast Guard and joined by navy ships deployed by Frontex and from Italy, Germany, Britain, Ireland, and Spain.

Nevertheless, Mr. Edwards warned, a growing number of refugees are accessing Europe via the Western Balkans following a surge in the number of sea arrivals in Greece – the second major front in Southern Europe’s migration crisis.


In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised more money to beleaguered states and cities of Germany struggling to cope with the masses of asylum seekers that in fact the government in Berlin has encouraged by sending out words of “welcoming” to the hordes of largely Muslim migrants flooding into Europe.   See Reuters here in a story entitled, ‘As refugees pour into Germany, Berlin doubles funds for states.’


Italy is one of the countries receiving a major hit from the invaders and talks about a plan to distribute them more equitably across Europe seem to be going nowhere.  See AFP story entitled, ‘Italy threatens to ‘hurt’ Europe if it gets no help with migrants.’


The Austrian government is going to stop processing asylum claims until other EU countries step up to share the burden.  See the Times of Malta story, here, entitled ‘Austria stops processing asylum requests amid EU row.’

Sheesh, just looking around for a few minutes I can see I could go on all morning with news on the invasion.

Readers, if you see any really hot juicy stories today from Europe, please send them my way and I will add them to this list!

Someone who loves Western Civilization should consider writing an entire blog (or a whole book!) on the ‘Invasion and colonization of Europe!’  In the end, it could be an important historic document (especially when the history of Europe could one day be written in Arabic!).

Endnote:  Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has the only answer for the massive Mediterranean invasion—STOP the boats, but European leaders are spineless (just like American ‘leaders.’).

13 thoughts on “Invasion of Europe continues unabated as thousands come through the Western Balkans

  1. Did the Post coin the term “Black Route” for its chronicle in last week’s paper? has a map for the intrepid seeker
    Jun 26, 2015 – The ‘Black Route’ to Europe, and the story of a Syrian family who braved …

    same article, without comments: more photos

    I wanted to compare the transit of two peoples at two times in history to understand how they might have felt when traversing the terrain. Here is the 1943 route that the Nazis used to deport Greece’s Jews. The Post might have saved the wording “Black Route” for that one.
    from Nearly 60,000 of the 77,000 Greek Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, most in Auschwitz-Birkenau.


  2. Like thousands of other Americans, are you becoming more and more concerned and alarmed not only about the existential threat posed by Islam in America, but with the symbiotic and seditious relationship Islam enjoys with our own government? e.g. the 2011-2012 “purging” by the Obama Administration of all references to Islam in the FBI Counterterrorism Lexicon- as well as all other government documents and materials, and the firings and “re-training” of officers, analysts, special agents and decision-makers who created or made such materials available. There are over two hundred (200) Muslim Brotherhood front groups, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA), that are openly operating and waging jihad against America, by way of political warfare, subversion, propaganda, and influence operations! Refugee resettlement is jihad! Is America purposely and deliberately being “blindfolded in the face of jihad” by our so-called “political elites” in Washington? To what end? Why is our own government seemingly turning themselves inside out to appease and facilitate a totalitarian ideology that has declared war on us and has sworn to destroy us from within by our own hand? Can our leaders really be that ignorant…or is this deliberate? Are our leaders really so naive that they do not know that Islam believes that our American Constitution is “pure ignorance” … because it is man-made law, and that it should be replaced with Allah’s law – Islamic shariah law (Islamic jurisprudence as articulated by Al-Misri’s authoritative “Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Law”) – by force if necessary? Why is Islam being aided and abetted by quislings, apologists, and ‘useful idiots’ within our own federal, state, and local governments…”to our great detriment?”

    Why be alarmed and concerned about Islam and Muslims in the first place? Isn’t Islam a ‘religion of peace’ as the mainstream media talking heads extol? Aren’t Muslims immigrating to America to assimilate into our culture? Aren’t most Muslims “moderate?” You may even say to yourself, ‘but my Muslim neighbor is such a nice person and claims to be my friend!’ So what is one to believe? One must refer to the Koran (what Allah told the Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel), the Sira (Muhammad’s biography), and the Hadith (the traditions of Muhammad). Not all Muslims are ‘bad’ people, per se, but they are here waging unrelenting jihad at all levels and on all fronts to impose their hostile Islamic ideology on ALL Americans! Make no mistake, Islam is a seditious enemy Trojan Horse…that is being allowed to wage jihad throughout America, including our heartland!

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    All Muslims are the ‘foot soldiers of Allah’ who are waging an unconditional and unrelenting war (jihad) against our Constitution and our American way of life! Why are they waging jihad against us? Simply put, the answer is because we (non-Muslims) do not believe that Allah is the ONLY God of the universe and that Muhammad is his Prophet.

    What is jihad? “In Islamic Law, jihad is defined as ‘warfare against non-Muslims’ and is required until ALL the world is subordinated to Islamic Law. There are different levels of jihad – jihad with the sword, with the pen, with the mouth, with the heart (hate and despise all non-Muslims). This is all warfare. Jihad is total war intended to dislocate someone’s faith – faith in their system, their leaders, their God, and all else in their lives. This is why this enemy comes at the West with violence, political warfare, subversion, propaganda, and influence operations.” (John Guandolo, 2015)

    If jihad is warfare against non-Muslims, then what drives jihad? The Islamic Manual of War, as it can be called, is comprised of three main components:

    1 – The Koran – the overarching vision of war.
    2 – The Sira – The strategic manual of war.
    3 – The Hadith – the tactical manual of war.

    The sad and shocking truth is that over two hundred seventy million (270,000,000) people have been killed in the name of Islam over it’s 1400 year history…and the numbers keep climbing year after year! For over 1400 years Muslims have immigrated to the West to dominate, NOT assimilate. Europe is a perfect example, due to jihad associated with the mass legal immigration of Muslims into their Western cultures over the last decades, and coupled with the fact that these nations did not recognize and defeat the threat…Europe has all but capitulated! Over the last 1400 years not a single non-Muslim country has survived the mass immigration of Muslims into their cultures! It bears repeating… that historically Islam eventually dominates, subjugates, and annihilates ALL native Western cultures.

    Can’t Islam be reformed? No! Islam states that it is perfect, complete, universal, and final. Islam is the exact way Allah intended it to be; therefore, Islam cannot be reformed! Those who try to reform Islam will be labeled as apostates, charged with blasphemy, and killed!

    But hasn’t the “peaceful” Islam been “hijacked” by a few “radicals” from within? No, Islam by it’s very nature is “radical,” and those so-called “radical” Islamic organizations such as Al Qaeda and The Islamic State of Iraq in al Sham (ISIS) are only manifesting the true nature of Islamic jihad – because they have the ability to do so!

    What is Islam’s endgame against the West…and America? Islam demands that all non-Muslims be dominated, subjugated, and must be subdued by way of one of three choices:

    1 – Conversion to Islam – a slave to Allah.
    2 – Subjugation and domination as a ‘dhimmi’ semi-slave under the brutal and oppressive yoke of Islam.
    3 – Death.

    If you want to learn about Islam, read Stephen Coughlin’s masterful new book “Catastrophic Failure – Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad” takes a giant leap out in front of the pack in exposing and undermining the existential threat posed by the so-called “religion of peace” – Islam. While his work is certainly not the first “wake up call” that has been published over the last decades, it is the most brilliantly written, researched, and detailed – connects ALL the dots…and then some!

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  3. Ann, the book you want has been written:

    When Bat Yeor wrote this is 2005, she said then that the plan had been in the works for 30 years and that it originated on the European side with de Gaulle. Quelle surprise!

    For those with a limited book budget, I suggest reading the reviews of the book. Don’t bother with the one-star views; they’re entitled to their agenda but they ought to be published elsewhere.

    Here’s an informative one from 2014:


    Bat Ye’or traces the beginnings of the Islamization of Europe and the utter contempt with which those institutions that make the decisions for rank and file Europeans have excluded them from the process of what would be called “gradualism,” the slow, yet inexorable march towards the dhimmitude of Western civilization.

    Because this is a top-down phenomenon, where the Arabs have the Europeans by the financial/economic and petroleum-economy gonads, it is difficult to imagine that this can be halted. The citizens of the West have been lied to repeatedly and have virtually no protection against the oncoming sharia train. No small part of this deal is that Europe must work to delegitimize and demonize Israel and say nothing critical of Islam. This is a deadly combination for anyone who values freedom. This whole phenomenon needs to be understood and our political leaders, left-wing academe, media, even mainline churches held accountable for this horrific betrayal.

    There are a number of interviews that Bat Ye’or has given about the book and the phenomenon of Eurabia, and I strongly recommend Googling for these to get a deeper understanding of what Western civilization is up against.

    Her research is meticulously cited. France, the first country to help formulate Eurabia is finally beginning to taste the bitter fruits of this most sinister plan.

    We, here, in the U.S., are not as far behind as we’d like to believe, with a POTUS, who has been highly supportive of Islam and Islamization.


    She has other articles, essays, etc., on this phenomenon – as the reviewer notes, Google is a good place to start.

    PS How come your own book isn’t on the sidebar?? 😉



  4. Asylum seekers, etc. (aka economic migrants seeking taxpayer paid benefits – note they are all young men) demand their “human right” to enter France from Italy. They loudly chant: “We are not going back!” They threaten to throw themselves into the sea or hunger strikes if they are not given immediate admission. Of course, it is well known most won’t stay in France but will head to England where the taxpayer paid benefits (house, food, money, healthcare, etc.) are generous and instantaneous.

    2 videos:

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    1. They are well coached in agitprop activism and street theater. So willing to pour energy into this but run from a broom or shovel like it was a land mine. Hungary seems like a possible beacon and I wonder if, when and where, a match might be lit to encourage them to take that overdue dip in the sea.


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