More from Twin Falls, ID: Newspaper editor calls me a thief!

Matt Christensen
Matt Christensen, who less than two years ago was the NEW editor of a Montana paper, is now back in Idaho, and has editorialized claiming we posted too much from the Twin Falls Times-News.

Imagine what a nerve we must have struck to cause a newspaper editor in Idaho to spend money and time attempting to silence a citizen blogger nearly 2,000 miles away.

Almost every day for eight years I have researched the Refugee Resettlement Program of the UN/US State Department as a completely charitable endeavor so that just regular folks in America might know what is being done to their communities.

We have been extremely careful to give attribution and urge readers to see the original article when we snip news articles on which we comment.

And now, over 6,600 posts later, along comes an editor of a small city paper who calls me a “thief” in print as if it wasn’t enough to hire an attorney to send me a letter.

Imagine spending even a minute trying to silence a blogger!

What the heck are they hiding in Magic Valley, Idaho?  Maybe the newspaper there should do as much research as I have on how the secretive Refugee Admissions program benefits a few big businesses and then tell Idahoans the truth because they, taxpaying citizens, have every right to know who is changing their communities and why!

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As my friend Richard always says, “When you are taking flak, you know you are over the target!”

Photo and story about Christensen is here.

12 thoughts on “More from Twin Falls, ID: Newspaper editor calls me a thief!

  1. He’s a liberal jerk. Tell me why I have to receive these people into my beloved state of Idaho which doesn’t need or want them? The are building mosques for them and preparing housing, etc. WE DONT WANT THEM HERE OR ANYWHERE IN THE USA!

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  2. Almost all small local newspapers are closely tied to town administrations. A not-to-be-disdained source of their revenue comes from town council advertising (public notices, legal notices, holiday wishes and more) as well as their reporting. They also rely on town council to call them first for the story, that ‘scoop’ is priceless.

    There is definitely a gratitude link between the paper and the town council. Thus, I conclude that town council could have put him up to this insult towards you.

    By the way, Matt Christensen does not seem like the brightest star in the sky if you understand what I mean.


    1. Sadly, one of the things that is becoming increasingly evident is that small town politicians are basically selling out their citizens by getting into crony capitalism deals with these industries and with the federal government at the same time (in the case of refugees they hide behind a patina of humanitarianism when it is all about the almighty dollar.) The average local middle class American be damned. Local papers are definitely not the defender of the little guy.


  3. Christensen said RRW used 11 paragraphs from the original article. Thing is, there were approx. 30 original paragraphs, the MAJORITY made up of one-sentences (that’s a journalistic no-no). He wrote in his editorial “I could care less about a thief’s political beliefs – I don’t want anyone stealing our stories.” Good grief. It’s I “could not” care less. Bottomline, what’s that old saying about protesting too much?

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