Poland: No Syrian refugees for us!

In ‘Invasion of Europe’ news, maybe Poland will be one of the few European countries to save itself….

In one of the world’s most significant battles, Polish warriors, although outnumbered, defeated the Turks to save Europe from Muslim control in the Battle of Vienna in 1683. Painting here: http://devjohnson.deviantart.com/art/The-battle-of-Vienna-1683-417449102

From the Guardian which calls their position “baffling” and “pungent:”

“We don’t want terrorists here,” the Polish pensioner says, when asked about EU plans to resettle refugees more broadly across the continent. “Have you seen what they’re doing in the west?”

It’s a popular view here, if a baffling one. Poland is little affected by the refugee crisis in Europe, and accepts vanishingly small numbers of migrants. And yet the country has some of the most pungent views on immigration on the continent. A recent survey for the television station TVN found that two-thirds of Poles share the same hostility towards immigrants expressed by the Warsaw grandmother cited above.

According to a study in 2013 by the Centre for Research on Prejudice – a professional academic centre at the University of Warsaw – as many as 69% of Poles do not want non-white people living in their country.

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And remember readers, it was the Polish military that saved Christian Europe from the invasion of the continent by the Ottoman (Muslim) invaders in 1683.  Isn’t it true that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it?

There wouldn’t be any snooty Guardian today if it weren’t for the Poles.

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  1. Ann, you are f****** primitive Nazi, a tribal imbecil and product of Iron Curtain – take that chicken bone out of your nose, and try to return to human race, you barbaric bigot !


    1. Thanks so much Santa, I love comments like this and I don’t get enough of them. You have made my day!


      1. Eh, I can really e.m.p.a.t.h.i.z.e. with you – c.o.m.p.a.s.s.i.o.n. for ignorant and less conscience, all that make us less fortunate, is my motto.
        Your welcome!


      2. Good! Good, that’s encouraging, it also mean reason still prevails. I hope you get as many as possible, after all you deserve it.
        It’s definitely hard to be human.
        You’re welcome!


        1. Santa, for years I have been looking for someone to write a guest column for RRW on why we should take refugees from the third world (more precisely why US taxpayers should be on the hook for it instead of privately funded charity). But, I want a logical piece not an emotional piece about it being our Christian/moral duty. Just a straightforward, thoughtful essay about why it is good for America (besides supplying big companies with cheap and captive labor). Would you do that for us? Don’t make it too long though because people don’t read things that are too long. Type it into a comment and I’ll post it prominently. Oh, and you can’t name-call or use foul language. Normally I don’t post comments with foul language, but I made an exception with your first comment. Using the f-bomb in a thoughtful essay will diminish its ability to persuade.

          P.S. If you are not an American, you can still write the op-ed, you just need to say why any First World country must take in refugees from failing (mostly Islamic) countries.


          1. This is really strange reasoning – you can’t talk or act when it comes to humanitarian disasters, while completely detaching yourself from morality, emotions, and above all your humanity.

            But what’s the point !?
            I made my first comment not because I see in your blog and writings chance to make constructive contribution, but instead because I felt offended and provoked by Islamophobic rant against weakest and unprotected.
            Why would I accept offer to write a post under such condition, especially as someone who lack expertise and substantial informations. That’s strange, even absurd.

            But it makes me wonder, wouldn’t allowing one arid essay really be enough to provide you with opportunity to warrant your website as a place of diverse point of view ?
            However, if you really want to give other side to make a good case for the acceptance of refugees and minorities in general, I suggest ask someone with real experience in the field, some human rights expert or UNHCR official – they are all over the Internet, if you are truly willing to give some space on your website to that cause.

            By the way, I read your statements in which you are suggesting that Muslim refugees are actually driven by sinister motives, not by their tragic faith, disaster, war, ethnic cleansing, or “failing states”, as you call these colonial and neo-colonial entities westward of Pakistan in Asia, and central to northern parts of Africa. Claims like that, created completely from tin air, belong into domain of racist conspiracies and hate-mongering, generated by nut-cases and bigots like Pamela Geller, Debbie Schlussel, terrorist Andreas Brevik, and their ilk.

            That’s ultimate barbarism! Instead of dwelling in dark caves, they have caves of deepest darkness in their minds.

            I can’t wish you good luck in your work, only good life – so, cheers and have a good life.


          2. Just as I thought. You can’t make a case and can only attack the character of those who disagree with you.


    2. I hope you’re a better man that that, Santa. Ann does a good job and doesn’t need you spewing your bile at her. If you don’t understand the spirit of what she writes, I suggest that you just turn your eyes away.



    3. Yes, Santa, please join us. We can all benefit from your opinions generated at a higher moral and humanitarian plane. Fyi, I think that there rant-in-a-can apps out there which may make it easier to knock off a diatribe as fast as you can say bob’s-your-uncle. Have a Day.


    1. No idea about the total number but it’s growing daily. I do know that there’s a growing number of Europeans wanting to get out, especially Dutch who are sick of their towns and cities developing ghettos of hatred.

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  2. Poland, as well as Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria too, from my recent reading on European reactions to Muslim immigration. The new Danish government is also now reacting against the Islamist surge….or maybe that should be ‘scourge’.


    1. Add Slovakia. Not sure about the Czechs but I seem to have seen some things about they’re not being exactly ‘welcoming’. Maybe its a revival of Slavic identity awakening as a result of the arrogance and dismissiveness of the EU. Seems like the New World Order requires total control and continuous sustenance in the form of intact cultures to prey upon. Be interesting to see what happens if they hit a wall in one stubborn region.

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      1. Let’s also add Russia to the ‘Slavic’ resistance to the Muslim invasion. They have their own problems with Chechnyans to keep them busy, they don’t want any newcomers to the fray.


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