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Irish Bishop: Ireland needs to step up and take in Mediterranean migrants

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 4, 2015

Controversial Irish Bishop: bring in the Muslim refugees. See 2012 pedophilia controversy in this article.

Invasion of Europe news….

Update July 7:  Ireland now says it might admit 600 Mediterranean illegal migrants, here.

Yesterday, we learned that Poland is hanging tough and not bending to EU and United Nations pressure to take in the mostly Muslim invaders coming across the Mediterranean from North Africa.   But, it looks like Ireland is caving in…

From the Independent:

The Catholic Church has called on the Government to “open our doors” to more migrants from the Mediterranean.

The comments from Bishop John Kirby come as Defence Minister Simon Coveney said that other EU countries should take responsibility for their fair share of the response to the refugee crisis.

Mr Coveney’s said that Ireland will consider accepting the settlement of more than the 300 refugees already agreed if formally requested to do so by the EU.

He will travel to Malta on Monday to discuss the refugee crisis with officials in Valletta before meeting the 69-strong crew of the Naval Service vessel, LÉ Eithne, which has saved 3,000 refugees off the north African coast since May.

There is more, here.

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5 Responses to “Irish Bishop: Ireland needs to step up and take in Mediterranean migrants”

  1. misterpaul5a said

    I despise those pitiless gangster, purveyors of Islamic Truths, IS. But equally I despise the corrupt Vatican and its supporters. With untold riches the Vatican pontificates over advising its adherents to give assistance to these ‘illegals’, who are no doubt polluted with IS insurgents. In effect what this idiot Irish priest is advocating is to give succour to our enemies, the Vaticans enemies, and indeed the enemies of all humanity. What arrant nonsense! What IS understands is POWER, and powerful forces will be needed to dispose of these criminal Muslims who are daily encroaching on our blessed lands. This is not the time for weakness – it is the time for showing them that they will be opposed at every turn. And the first thing we need to do is to deliver all the boat people straight back to the IS areas and let them try to convert these hordes into their demented army. Set a thief to catch a thief – redirect the boat people into the areas IS are in temporary control of and see the result – total mayhem for a while before the boat-people come to their senses, those who survive The ‘Peaceful Religion of Islam’, and return to, or better still, stay in their own countries and dispose of their ‘leaders’, as only Africans know how, and start to build their own lives from their own resources, which their ‘leaders’ have recently sold off to the Chinese for peppercorn amounts. I am not being cruel – when we were kids we were taught “you have to be cruel to be kind” – I am actually being kind in effect by giving them the best advice I have myself had to follow during my lifetime of hard work and providential existence.


  2. lehi48 said

    So, Ireland may be able to take in 300. Are you sure that isn’t going to break the budget? It’s funny how 60,000 not organized immigrants but illegal aliens, squatters showed up on Israel’s doorstep one day and the Whole World including YOU Ireland +EU said to Israel YOU MUST keep them. Yet you are sweating 300. You know exactly what you are I don’t need to write it Bishop. The Pope is so generous why hasn’t he opened each Church in the World to temporarily house these poor louts or is it that they are burning down Churches throughout the ME and have promised to raise the Black Flag over the Vatican. Yet you make other countries take these refugees in some of whom may be a threat to their National Security. Mr. Ban at the UN speaks for others I still want to know How many immigrants are going to SKorea JapanThailand Burma Viet Nam and so forth but in particular your country Mr. Ban

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  3. misterpaul5a said

    When will these UNELECTED PRIVILIGED priests learn?
    When will they universally come out and publicly and voricifously shout from the church spires that the gangsters, who are running and ruining dozens of states in Africa and elsewhere, MUST be exposed, deposed and their private bank accounts denuded of all the ill-gotten monies they have robbed from the people. Africans don’t need the charity we contribute, which in fact we should be giving and spending our own disadvantaged. They need to be given back the funds stolen from them by their own ‘gangster’ Officials and Governments which is more than adequate to feed their own people. If the priests MUSt interfere in the disgusting business of illegal immigrants, let them take themselves over to Africa and preach to the so-called ‘leaders’ to give back the millions they have stolen from their own people and as a penance go out into their countries and work in the hovels they have created through their greed. THEN we might, just might, listen to the preaching of these powerful, enormously rich representatives of a religion which cannot even control its own perverted priests, private banks and bankers. The wealth of the Roman Catholis Church, properly distributed and utilised, would, overnight greatly assist in solving a great part of the African/middle-eastern question of illegal immigrants, risking their lives to leave the lands which are justly theirs and which should not be the fiefdoms of the corrupt, despicable and cruel masters who are meant to serve them.


  4. Brittius said

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  5. what a moron


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