St. Cloud residents hammer Rep. Emmer on Refugee Program; Somali teen murders African American

Emmer responds in anger (not about the murdered teen, he didn’t like being questioned) according to this news at the Examiner entitled ‘Tom Emmer’s public meltdown.’

By the way, the thin-skinned Rep. Tom Emmer is the Republican who won the seat formerly held by Rep. Michele Bachmann.  It sure looks like the 6th District of Minnesota will miss Bachmann as we learned recently that Emmer has joined forces with Rep. Keith Ellison to create a Somalia Caucus in Congress!

Rep. Tom Emmer. With Republicans like these……

Here is Gary Gross writing at the Examiner.  St. Cloud residents want to know what the cost is to the local taxpayer as Lutheran Social Services and the UN/US State Department continue to send refugees to the city that has a growing ‘pocket of resistance’ to the colonization plan.

A big crowd turned out for Congressman Tom Emmer’s townhall meeting Wednesday night. It wasn’t a good night for Emmer because he let his temper get the better of him early in the event.

The chief point of contention was over the refugee resettlement program. When citizens asked for a moratorium on the program until after an economic impact statement had been done, Congressman Emmer asked why anyone would have a problem with people in the United States legally. When an unidentified member of the audience said that refugees were draining St. Cloud’s resources, Emmer responded by saying that he’d seen the city of St. Cloud’s budget and that it looked fine. At that point, several people booed.

The main complaint is that refugees are depleting the school district’s funding. They’re allegedly also using health care programs, too. It was noted that school budgets aren’t part of St. Cloud’s operating budget. That’s shown in the school district’s budget. Also, the health programs that refugees are using are administered by Stearns County, not the City of St. Cloud.

Looking at St. Cloud’s city operating budget wouldn’t tell Congressman Emmer anything about the refugee resettlement’s financial impact on St. Cloud.

At another point, Emmer got upset about the possibility of Syrian refugees heading to St. Cloud, calling that possibility the “Syrian myth.” He later said that he’d checked with the State Department, who said that there wasn’t a chance of Syrian refugees coming to Minnesota.

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He might be right about the number of Syrians that might be sent to Minnesota.  I’m thinking the US State Department could actually have enough sense to not send more Muslims to Minnesota.    Although if they get their wished-for 65,000 in the next 18 months, every state will be fair game.

Also from St. Cloud: Not a word in the national news about Somali refugee stabbing to death African American in St. Cloud

From (hat tip: Gary).  A story posted the same day as Emmer’s meltdown story:

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (KMSP) –

20-year-old Davee Duvose lost his life early Friday morning after being stabbed by a 16-year-old at a St. Cloud house party, and he was just trying to protect his friend Chelsea Siegle.

“I was nonstop crying,” Siegle said. “I didn’t sleep for three days after that. He took care of everybody else before himself.”

The St. Cloud student was killed after he stepped in to protect Siegle from a violent stranger. Siegle, her girlfriends, and Duvose were at house party in St. Cloud when she was approached.

“One of the dudes came up to me and was asking me what’s your name what’s your number, you’re cute,” Siegle said. “And I said ‘no I’m good. Can you just leave me alone?’ And he was like, ‘you’re a bitch.’ I was like ‘excuse me?’”

16-year-old Muhiyadim Mohamed Hassan randomly jumped into the brawl with a kitchen knife after Duvose began protecting Siegle. She said Hassan just “came out of the blue and stabbed Davee.”

More here and link to ‘Go Fund Me’ for Duvose’s funeral.   Will Obama speak at Duvose’s funeral?  Or, will Rep. Keith Ellison?  Emmer?

We paid to resettle Mohamed’s family and now taxpayers get to pay for a trial and incarceration—what a deal!

9 thoughts on “St. Cloud residents hammer Rep. Emmer on Refugee Program; Somali teen murders African American

  1. The link doesn’t really say he’s a somali- although the last name implies it.
    The media should be pointing things like this out.


    1. They rarely tell us the nationality of immigrant criminals. But, in St. Cloud and with a name like that it is pretty obvious.


  2. Hijra and/or civilization jihad is well on its way all over the world and our politicians and most news media are complicit in it. The only way to stop it is for the people to organize and fight back.
    I was at the meeting with Rep Emmer and he was defensive and insulting to his constituents. They had 2 pre-planned Somails speak while I witnessed them deny more than a half dozen others. One local Muslim said that we just need to ask them questions and get to know them and maybe go to the library and read a book. I felt insulted. Their answer is always that WE need to do this or that to make them feel better or more accepted. They say want to be Americans and love our country and Constitution; even though Sharia and the Constitution cannot coexist.


    1. Starrymargaret – you are indeed a STAR!
      Let me get this straight – I am not a particular follower of ANY religion, except to say that we humans certainly have what might be described as ‘Godlike Powers’ . And there I will leave it!
      However, in terms of the Koran in particular, the followers of Islam, and like the Roman Catholics of old, were plain and simply born by an accident of birth, into a certain madness. For RC’s to leave their religion has in recent years become comparatively painless. But to TRY and leave Islam is almost an act of suicide.
      My old aunts used to use a certain term to describe certain characters, ‘they take kindness for weakness’ they would after, which I must confess I did not fully understand. However, since I discovered, forty years ago, how Islam operates, and because of more recent history, I now fully understand “where they were coming from”. It is a sad fact that there are those, a considerable number in the world, who do in fact practice what my aunts described so long ago. They take kindness for weakness. Our job is to put them in their place, beat them at their own game – set a thief to catch a thief. As the Bard of Avon put into the mouth of one of our greatest ‘Generals’ – THE GAME’S AFOOT…….
      Don’t just meet power with equal power – cut their legs from under them – and destroy their evil now we know their game, only by enforcing total submission will we rid the world of the curse of the threat of Islamic Domination. Now is the time, before it is too late, to hit them hard, again and again and again. We have no excuse now for not settling with this curse of humanity.

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  3. Whilst my comment here does not appear to have full bearing on the disgraceful St. Cloud incident I feel it is relevant to the general problems of immigration/migrant problem worldwide.
    We in the UK are incessantly bombarded with. Photos of hundreds/thousands of so-called ‘migrants fleeing terror’. Of course the very reverse is true. Those migrants, mainly Muslim are in fact BRINGING terror to our shores. But this is not really current news or unsurprising. This whole scenario was ominously predicted in 2011 by Col. Gaddafi, when he warned of the swarms of Muslims who would, once the war in Lybia began, be crossing the Med into Europe. He predicted that Islam would not need to fire a single shot in taking over Europe, since the indigenous populations of Europe would be submerged by Islamic migrants whose birth-rate alone would convert Europe into a series of Islamic State by sheer numbers. (Before he was murdered while stuffed in a drainage pipe in Sirte.) ISIS is indeed bringing his prediction to fruition and we in the West are simply giving succour to our enemies – in the case of most European politicians, ‘fiddling while Rome burns’. The one strong voice of warning of this European Tragedy was the UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, who braved the derision of the jackals of the British Press and forecast the whole scene – even to the point of predicting that we would INEVITABLY be accepting to our shores the ISIS Cuckoos who would be seeding our country with the Islamic Evil so many of us have been predicting. Nigel Farage did not even secure a seat in Parliament, probably one of the greatest errors the British Voters have EVER made – second only to the installation of Socialist/Labour Governments led by the despicable Tony Bliar. The greater tragedy is that we will not fully hear the sanest voice in British politics in our Parliament for another five years at best. During this crucial time in our history a further potential ONE MILLION MUSLIMS will be allowed in to pollute our already disgusting mix of itinerant immigrant unemployable. The British have lost their way and the pollution has already crossed the Atlantic to threaten the greatest modern democratic country of our age, the USA. More strength to your arm Ann. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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