“Pockets of Resistance” growing and spreading

You’ve heard me often refer to “Pockets of Resistance,” those towns/cities and states where activists are demanding answers to the many questions citizens have about the United Nations/US State Department colonization of their towns by third worlders through the Refugee Resettlement Program.

Join the resistance! Save America! http://www.filmsdefrance.com/film-review/La_Bataille_du_rail_1946.html

We did not coin that phrase, the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement did here in June 2013 (or at least that is the first place I heard it) when they also announced that they had hired ‘Welcoming America’ to head off new ones, and get those already existing ones under control.

In 2013, ORR specifically mentioned that there were ‘Pockets of Resistance’ in New Hampshire, Tennessee and Georgia.

By the way, it was at that meeting that I first heard the information about “seeding” our towns and cities with immigrants.

Now we can report there are growing pockets in the following states in addition to the three just mentioned: Idaho, Ohio, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia (that I know of!).  I know I risk tipping off Welcoming America agitators to head to those states, but if I don’t mention this, many of you might get discouraged thinking you are alone.

New category here at RRW

What I am going to do is make a new category here at RRW for posts specifically on what concerned citizens are doing to demand answers—to demand TRANSPARENCY—where they live.  The purpose of which is to help give you ideas and to learn about efforts to resist already underway. Having all of those posts in one place will make it easier for new readers to find them.

I’m going to go back to a few previous posts—recently on Idaho and Minnesota—and place them in the new category.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to go back through 6,000 plus posts to select those involving citizen action!

Here is a Minnesota example!

Last week a concerned citizen in Willmar, Minnesota, Bob Enos, made a presentation to the County Board Meeting in Willmar (Kandiyohi County).  One bit of information that interested me was his assertion that the second highest number of refugees going to Minnesota were going to Willmar and not to St. Cloud (a very active ‘pocket’). Enos has done his homework and I direct your attention to this video of the County Board Meeting to see the kind of presentation that you could be making where you live.  Click on the video and go to 2:35:09 mark.

Some people have had difficulty loading it.  It loads for me on Firefox although on the second viewing I only got sound (but that is adequate for your purposes!).

Be sure to see this post we wrote about resistance and sabotage.

Do you have an action item that throws a shoe in the machinery of government that you would like to report?  Please let us know!

Again, see our new category—Pockets of Resistance.  (I will be adding posts to it as soon as possible)

13 thoughts on ““Pockets of Resistance” growing and spreading

  1. Watching the video of Bob Enos’ excellent and well-intentioned presentation at the Wilmar, Minnesota town meeting I was struck with the painfully soft-handed and courteous avoidance of the mention of the REAL 800 lb gorilla that will soon devour that town, that being the grim reaper of Muslim intentions for the domination of the world that has been going on secretly in the USA for several decades and now openly for several years, and more briskly since last November with the connivence of Muslim activist President Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood office in the White House.

    We can talk on endlessly about differences in “skin color, culture, working together, etc.” but the devil is in the details and the details blare the bizarre reality that we are near the point of no return of being overcome and overwhelmed by the most evil “religion” in the history of the world, without input from our citizens or our elected representatives, twisting slowly in the wind as the once pristine landscape of our precious country crumbles before our very eyes while we stand and stare, clucking our tongues in disbelief.

    Wikeleakes and Pam Geller just blessed us with the information that the oil rich Saudi Prince playboy, (whose sin-filled lifestyle if were a Muslim commoner would result in a swift beheading) has committed that his entire 32,000,000,000 fortune, (read that 32 Billion), be spent on a strategy for the overthrow of the USA and Israel by the forces of Saudi Arabia’s worldwide Islam/Sharia/Wahabbi caliphate.

    There are millions of like-minded Muslims already here, and a large percentage of them are Saudi’s who came here on visas issued by the Saudi Government with Carte Blanch approval of America. Estimates are that 40% of all who came here under visa status overstay their visas and disappear into the countryside, we have no ability to track them and simply wonder where they went!!!

    We are not in control of our destiny.

    Bob Enos, thanks for your sincere efforts, but it is time to take off the gloves, get very angry, and hope that it isn’t too late.

    I’ll be glad to help all that I can. I’m in Texas and have battled the illegal immigration infection on the ground for more than ten years. RRW can tell you how to get in touch with me, and I hope to hear from you.



  2. That was a great presentation made to the County Board by Bob Enos. I can see the County Board, with one presentation, nodding there heads, then doing nothing. Just a reminder to everyone, this type of presentation has to be continuous until there is specific action taken and it gets Press Coverage.


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