RRW weekly roundup for week ending August 15, 2015

Ah well, late again.

For new readers, every week we try to let everyone know which posts were our Top Three most-read posts of the previous week and use the opportunity to fill you in on other news we want to share.

Before I get to the three top posts, we want to let you know that ‘Pockets of Resistance (POR)’ are mushrooming (see my earlier post this morning for instance).  Some of you may hear from (or have already heard from) Jim Simpson who is working to connect grassroots activists.  Jim reports that he has now identified citizens concerned about the colonization of their communities in 24 states!  It is not too late to get in on the action!

Go here and sign up (Center for Security Policy) to be included in the new network.

To all of you reaching out to me to find out what you can do, remember, I’m a blogger and have no organization (no staff etc) behind me.  I love my charitable work of researching and simply reporting the news and educating you on this increasingly hot topic!  And, I am so sorry, although I spend some time each day answering e-mails, I have so little time to answer all of your questions and requests.

By the way, that first youtube video of mine which I reported last week had passed the 1 million viewer mark, is up to 1,132,419 views this week.

Here are our Top Three Posts of last week (Top daily posts are in the right hand sidebar).   That second one is an old post from back in May.

1)  Before you get too excited about Presidential candidate Ms. Carly

2)  36,144 refugees admitted to US in first seven months of FY2015 (fiscal year)

3)  Our fact sheet

I don’t know what the interest was in that #2 post but surely it must have been this map (refugees admitted 2009-2012) that tells us what we knew intuitively, that some states—notably Idaho, North and South Dakota and surprisingly Vermont—are getting huge numbers of refugees in relation to their population size.  Both Idaho and North Dakota have recently developed ‘POR.’

map refugees distorted

  Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived at RRW last week (excluding the US)






New Zealand




South Africa

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  1. Why are the candidates not addressing this program where the UN tells us who is to come to our country?


    1. I think mostly because they don’t know how it operates. And, they haven’t gotten enough constituent pressure to be bothered to figure it out.


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