Asst. Secretary of State Anne Richard will answer questions about refugees in Spartanburg, SC this coming week….

….but, only to small selected groups!  And, she will meet separately with each one according to the latest from Go Upstate.

Update August 24th:  For more information on what is happening, contact Dr. Christina Jeffrey.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration Affairs Anne Richard arrives for a press conference at a hotel in Putrajaya, Malaysia Monday, June 1, 2015. Richard said resettlement in a third country is not the answer to the swelling tide of boat people in Southeast Asia and called for Myanmar citizenship to be given to Rohingya Muslims fleeing persecution there. (AP Photo/Joshua Paul)
Anne C. Richard was formerly a vice president (for advocacy) at one of the nine federal resettlement contractors—the International Rescue Committee now headed up by Brit David Miliband.

A trip by the Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration frankly signals that the State Department is going to fight for each prospective town or city (or state!) that they want to be relocation sites for refugees in the coming year.  And, frankly, they are running out of ‘welcoming’ places so they need to suppress any resistance where they find it now.

For new readers, be sure to visit our first post on Spartanburg where we have updated readers as often as we could about how the resistance was developing there.

Pay particular attention to this idea apparently from the State Department to have separate meetings with those for and against the plan.  I’m surprised that Rep. Trey Gowdy’s office fell for this technique which leaves Ms. Richard in the position of spinning what each of the ‘stakeholders’ and taxpayers (not considered stakeholders) groups concerns might be.


Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard will visit Spartanburg next week to address concerns surrounding a plan already underway to resettle refugees in the area.

Richard, in coordination with U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy’s office, plans to meet with local government leaders, community groups, concerned constituents and others.

Richard also will meet with World Relief, a faith-based organization that is leading efforts to assimilate refugees in Spartanburg as part of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program. She plans to hold individual meetings Monday and Tuesday at the Mary Black Foundation on East Main Street in Spartanburg to discuss refugee resettlement and the admissions program, said Danna Van Brandt, a spokeswoman for the State Department.

Van Brandt said Richard opted to meet face to face with select groups at scheduled times to better answer in-depth questions.

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I say, why not let everyone in Spartanburg who has an interest in this issue hear what each side has to say (and what elected officials have to say)!

Quick note on Wyoming!

It looks like they are going to fight to get a refugee program open in Wyoming or why else is a piece like this running at Wyoming Public Radio?

As I said they need every town, city or state they can get as they are running out of places for the tens of thousands of refugees being brought in each year.  I expect next year to be huge because they will surely expand the program for the Syrians the UN is pushing on America (and Europe).

One last note: South Carolina has only taken a small number of refugees in comparison to its surrounding states—North Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky.  Wyoming has taken none and the State Department and its contractors need to break open these states!

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7 thoughts on “Asst. Secretary of State Anne Richard will answer questions about refugees in Spartanburg, SC this coming week….

  1. I’m sure Spartanburg’s Pocket of Sanity would be happy for Mr. Trump to zip down on Monday or Tuesday to hold a press conference in front of the Mary Black Foundation in support of protecting our most vulnerable/community, and perhaps, to support a moratorium on refugee resettlement until all methods of immigration, diversity and overstayed visas, and taxpayer supported associated programs can be reviewed and revised to primarily benefit Americans. Americans come first. Government’s sole reason for existing is to protect citizens’ rights, border security, our safety, our sovereignty, our resources and to uphold equal justice. Spartanburg is only about 20 minutes from GSP airport.

    I’m sure Ass’t Sec. Richard would enjoy a visit with Mr. Trump to address his concerns. Heck, we’ll even take him to The Beacon for lunch, a must-stump-stop for all candidates coming to South Carolina. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Chili-Cheese Burger A-Plenty and Beacon iced tea. Y’all come.

    Contact Dr. Jeffrey.

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  2. Would be nice to pass this information along to the Trump camp. Trump doesn’t have a problem pointing out how our country is being invaded with the help of the Obama regime. Invasion from the south via Illegals and invasions from the Middle east via Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Morrocans, Somalis and more. Was a Morrocan who tried to kill as many as possible on that French train just a few days ago. Why does Europe and America keep allowing more of these savages into our countries.

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    1. Why? I suspect we let them in primarily to be politically correct and it is insanity! Writing a post about this subject and Trump in just a minute…


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