Sign the petition! Demand local approval for refugee resettlement

Update:  When I signed earlier this morning I was #58 and just a few hours later we are at 247.  So, please help spread the word!

A petition is circulating at GoPetition that asks you to tell elected officials at all levels of government that decisions, to “plant” third worlders in your towns and cities, rest with the local citizens and the local elected government and not with edicts from Washington.

The petition is here.  And, if you would like to join the national grassroots effort to protect your communities from colonization, go here.

To my knowledge, this is the first time anything like this is being organized on the national level!

Here is a portion of the description of the problem from GoPetition:

The federal Refugee Resettlement (RR) program is operated today by the Global Left, the UN, Islam, and religious frauds. The goal is to Change America by Changing its People.

As a result, we are drowning in refugees who are destroying our Constitutional freedoms, overburdening our welfare system and posing a genuine national security threat.

Will you as an American citizen stand up and fight this national suicide via LEGAL IMMIGRATION?

By signing this petition, you are telling your Governor, Congress and state representatives:

• I will not tolerate giving my tax dollars to secretly “planted”, unvetted refugees that would otherwise go to aid poor families in my community.

• I demand you do your job by representing the Will of The People rather than the Resettlement industry that may be funding your campaigns.

Continue here.  If you feel more comfortable, you can be anonymous, but please sign it!

Go here to see who has already signed.  And, check out the very cool interactive map that will hopefully be filled in by thousands of you signing the petition.

12 thoughts on “Sign the petition! Demand local approval for refugee resettlement

  1. It’s a rather sad day that we have to petition our government, which is to secure its citizens, to force it to take action on such a thing. But now it has become a necessary priority.


  2. Are you serious?? transparency??? from this Gov’t? . . want to sign a petition?
    here’s the petition, clean up Washington and start with people who really love this Country!!!
    and if you did not vote in teh last 2 elections . .. you are part of the problem, now you can do something and be a part of the solution. VOTE!!!! and please use your common sense!! . . please . . .


  3. Absolutely support this petition! WE MUST DEMAND ACCONTABILITY by the government and its so-called religious contractors who are pushing yet more muslim refugees into our communities. LET US TAKE CARE OF OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST! NOT these muslim foreigners – send them to MUSLIMS COUNTRIES !!


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