Spartanburg residents not happy with “pontificating” from Asst. Sec. of State

This is Part II of my earlier post about South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley caving in to the federal government and signaling her willingness to ‘welcome’ refugees to South Carolina, a state which has heretofore not been a big target for resettlement (as have Kentucky, North Carolina and Georgia).  That all changed earlier in the year as residents there learned that federal contractor World Relief was planning to ‘seed’ Spartanburg with refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa which touched off a firestorm of criticism.

Yesterday, World Net Daily writer Leo Hohmann filled us in on how things went when the Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration came to town to try to tamp down the resistance.   See Part I here.

Following a discussion of what Rep. Trey Gowdy’s “murky” role is in the situation, we learn that two of those meeting with Ms. Richard—-Christina Jeffrey and Lynn Kisler—were not impressed.  Spartanburg is in Gowdy’s district.


Jeffrey said Richard admitted in Monday’s meeting that once a state agrees to participate in the federal refugee program, there is little local residents can do to stop it.

Christina Jeffrey II
Dr. Christina Jeffrey: Where are the hearings?

Another Spartanburg resident, Lynn Kisler, confronted Richard on the issue of national security.

This is priceless!

“Ms. Richard said she experiences terrorist threats whenever she travel overseas, and it was almost like they were already trying to condition us for that, kinda like a terrorist threat is an accepted way of life now, no big deal, and I could not believe my ears,” said Kisler. “I told her my house doesn’t have armed guards, it doesn’t have an 8-foot wall all around it, so for her to compare an embassy abroad to me being in my home among that population, when they want to bring that population here, it made me angry. I interrupted her and I said ‘you have armed guards, I don’t have armed guards.'”

Refugees just like American pilgrims?

Richard also began “pontificating” about how successful the refugee program has been everywhere it has been put in place, Kisler said. The assistant secretary even compared today’s refugees to the early pilgrims who settled America.

“I asked her how do you define success?” Kisler said. “Ask the people of St. Cloud, Minnesota, how successful it’s been there. It has destroyed that area.”

So many Somalis in Minnesota have been caught engaging in terrorist activity and sending money to overseas terrorists that the U.S. Attorney there, Andrew Luger, admitted in April that, “We have a terror recruitment problem in Minnesota.”

Dr. Jeffrey reiterated her call for Gowdy, who is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security and thus responsible for the refugee program in Congress, to hold hearings:

“For the sake of the rest of the country, we need Trey Gowdy, chairman of the subcommittee with oversight in this area to hold hearings on this under-supervised program that has been around since Jimmy Carter created it,” Jeffrey said.

In fact, the Babin bill which seeks to temporarily halt refugee resettlement is a perfectly good excuse to hold a hearing.  So what is taking Gowdy so long?  Is he worried about ruffling the feathers of senior Senator Lindsey Graham a longtime advocate of amnesty for illegal aliens and one of the Gang of Eight (along with fellow Presidential candidate Marco Rubio) that would have expanded the role of the nine major federal refugee resettlement contractors among other things.

Surely Benghazi doesn’t consume all of Gowdy’s time.

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  1. Unless and until Trey Gowdy appears front-and-center on this issue, all of his tough talk on “The Hill” will seem to me no more than self-promotion. He had better develop a pair and show the people of his district that he is unafraid of the movers-and-shakers in the House; and stand up for the people who elected him to Congress in the first place!


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