Fighting-age young men dominate “refugee” flow to Europe

The ‘Invasion of Europe’ continues today….

If one judges by the photos, it sure looks like young men are the problem in the flood of supposed refugees from the Middle East swarming into Europe.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  A lot of pictures like those here at the Daily Mail are worth much more!

What sort of men are these?  Instead of running to Mama Merkel for comfort, why aren’t they fighting to save their own countries?

I thought of this post—some Syrians are opportunists—when I saw these photos.

Disgusting in Budapest earlier today:


Budapest train


Budapest train 2


Go here for our complete archive on the invasion.

13 thoughts on “Fighting-age young men dominate “refugee” flow to Europe

  1. I know that the Chinese ‘own’ the U.S. Dollar, in the sense that what China does today, the USA reacts to tomorrow – and the way Obama is performing – “it ain’t gonna get better very soon’.
    But just a small but interesting fact about The European Union.
    Of course to a great extent the U.S. economy is not immediately affected by the EU Financial situation. However, it may be interesting to some Americans to hear that the EU Accounts have not been given the “all clear” (WAIT FOR IT!) for 19, yes, nineteen years. Some £109 Billion is virtually unaccounted for. Shades of Rumsfeld and the Pentagon? As Mr George Orwell might have put it in “Eurospeak” – the accounts have been “affected by material error”.
    So, what difference will another couple of billion paid out to itinerant “refugees” make?
    I was in business in a small to medium way here in the UK for around forty years. If my accounts were not completed and presented within one year the IR (Your IRS) would have immediately prosecuted and fined me. Keeping my company accounts in a very tidy fashion, I never ever paid them a ‘dime’.
    For Alice in Wonderland , Geroge Orwell = The European Union.


  2. ….all the young men….why aren’t they fighting to save their own countries? It’s funny how that goes. My hubby brought my attention to this purely from a male’s point of view, since he is really not interested in politics too much. He said, what kind of young man runs away without fighting to protect his family and country? This leaves us to question on what is going on….and opens the door to a lot of speculation.


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