Richest refugee contractor says 8,000 Syrians not enough, wants 65,000 admitted to US

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) headed by a Brit—David Miliband the former British Foreign Secretary—restates its demand that Obama admit 65,000 mostly Muslim Syrians to the US ASAP.

He also praises Germany, Iceland and Sweden for opening their nations to the hundreds of thousands of migrants swarming into Europe!

Hillary and David Miliband. She described him as cute! When he arrived in NYC to head up the IRC he was feted by George Soros, Bill Clinton and Samantha Power among others.

Click here to learn more about David Miliband, brother to “Red Ed” Miliband. See our post here about Miliband’s initial call back in April for 65,000!

This is all timed to pressure the Obama Administration (probably won’t take much!) just as Obama is preparing to send his Determination Letter’ to Congress!

From the IRC yesterday (not a mention of the word “Christian” in here):

02 Sep 2015 –
IRC president David Miliband: IRC renews call on US Government to resettle 65,000 Syrian Refugees before end of 2016

* In almost five years of war only 1,541 Syrian refugees have been resettled to the United States.

* Over 4 million Syrian refugees are living in limbo in neighboring countries
IRC has assisted 270 of 1,541 Syrian refugees resettled to US, and is prepared to assist a lot more.

New York, September 2, 2015 —The International Rescue Committee (IRC), which so far has resettled 270 Syrians to the United States, said today that the country’s commitment to accept between 5,000 and 8,000 Syrian refugees before the end of 2016 can only be a first step. According to the IRC, the figure doesn’t come close to addressing the crisis in and around Syria, which is now engulfing Europe where Germany, for example, expects the number of refugees and asylum seekers to this year reach 800,000.

Last year UNHCR, the UN refugee resettlement agency, called on the international community to resettle 130,000 Syrian refugees before the end of 2016. Today the IRC reiterates its call on the US government, long recognized as a leader in humanitarian response, to resettle half of that number – 65,000 – before the end of 2016, a call that was endorsed by fourteen members of the U.S. Senate in May. [See the 14 member Senate Jihad Caucus here.—ed]


“The IRC renews its call to the US government to lead and resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees before the end of 2016.

“The IRC is heartened by the glimpses of humanitarianism which are pushing through. Ordinary citizens in countries like Iceland, Germany and Sweden who are taking it upon themselves to welcome refugees into their communities.”

More here.

Help spread the word.  This is very serious.  Maybe send my 65,000! Syrians Youtube to your friends who might not want to read much.  We really need to get a message to Congress NOW!

Go here to see how wealthy the IRC is thanks to the US taxpayer!

18 thoughts on “Richest refugee contractor says 8,000 Syrians not enough, wants 65,000 admitted to US

  1. Last election David Miliband and Party thought they they were loved by the public and were going to rush the opposition. So confident they had grown that they started to assign Cabinet positions. In fact, the Opposition had the heart of the populace and totally decimated Labor and David Miliband found that he had been replaced. My point. He led his Party to disaster and now he’s paid $400,000 an unbelievable sum in England to run a Refugee rescue/placement organization. Mr Miliband declares we can take in 65,000 Syrian Refugees rather than 8,000. Mr Miliband we are not a 3rd World Country and we don’t care to be come one. How many Jews or Christians make up the65,000 Refugees? You are aware the 2 communities cannot be settled next to one another. The Muslims have been responsible for the persecution of the Christians. These refugees must understand we will not change for them they need to assimilate. Since you are a humanitarian why aren’t the wealthy Gulf States have any intake? They have land and money but don’t want to help their brothers and sisters, Why? Will We be picking up a problem? ISIS has been infiltrating with refugees like in Bulgaria. How will you do background checks there really isn’t a way to do so. Americans need to have a say in this before we lose our country like France and England


  2. *Pulling Our Heart Strings to Bring Us Down*

    How the EnemyWithin Uses Our Empathy Against Us


    */“If anyone does not take care of his own relatives, especially his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”/*1^st Timothy 5:8

    photo of dead Syrian child watched up on Turkey beach.jpg

    */Photo of dead Syrian child washed up on Turkish beach/*

    A year ago, I came very close to falling victim to a variant of the so-called “Grandparents Scam”.The scam works like this.Someone posing as your granddaughter or grandson, affecting distress, phones to tell you that he or she is in deep trouble in a distant land.She has been jailed for a given offence, and is too embarrassed to ask her parents for help.So she asks for your money.And you send it.

    To pull it off, the scammer must feel make the victim feel that she is indeed a relative that you have lost touch with.That’s the first hurdle.But the second one is to convince the victim of the urgency of sending the money. You must act now before it is too late. Hurry.

    Once the victim’s emotional button has been pressed, and there is little time to stop and think, sending a money order to her fake lawyer post haste is a likely response.In my case, two imposters—who should be given an Oscar for their performance—succeeded in making me believe that my nephew –whom I had not seen for years —was about to be sent to jail if money was not sent to his lawyer post haste.It is a long story, but I almost bought the pitch. Imagine, a ‘smart’ guy like me.

    Following the phone call, I called the police, and was referred to the West Vancouver Police Department, and a certain Constable who specializes in that scam. Why West Vancouver? Because it’s target rich. It has a very high density of rich grandparents and folks in my age category. Folks who want to leave a legacy, or do something for those in our family who need our help.

    During the interview, the Constable revealed a very interesting fact.You don’t have to be a sucker or simpleton to fall for this scam.Some very intelligent and well-educated people, including retired doctors, engineers, architects and teachers have been taken in.Why?

    The answer is that we are not rational creatures. When our emotions are fully engaged, they can instantly overwhelm our judgment.That, I think, is the case with the issue of refugees, or those sad, tearful and emaciated African kids that we see on the screen whenever World Vision is conducting a drive. “Just a dollar a day will allow little Akbar to eat and go to school.”

    Of course, some people are more susceptible to this kind of emotional manipulation than others. Especially those who do not use the Left side of their brains to its full potential.Creative, Right-brain people typically cannot think in quantitative terms. They are governed by emotions, and ooze with “empathy”, which has become the buzzword of Pathological Altruism.

    They are typically innumerate—and typically Left wing in their politics. They cannot deal in numbers.When they tell us that we must fund the Arts, or invest more in education or the health care system or daycare or outreach programs for under-represented minorities, they will not say how much. When they tell us that we must run a deficit to kick-start the economy, they will not say how much or when it will be paid down.When they tell us that we must accept more immigrants or refugees, they won’t tell us how many. They will only say “more”.And if they do give a figure, it is only provisional, a stepping stone to future solicitations. Their demands are always open-ended. The goal posts are always moving.

    Their demands are always open-ended. They are not numbers people because their emotions are in the driver’s seat, and they make a point of showcasing their “compassion”, especially those of them who are running for office.Slogans like “People before profits” and “The economy exists to serve the people, not the other way around” fit their mindset. When you want to appeal to emotions to win the day, italways useful to present a false antithesis.

    That is why the Arts Community in Canada is almost uniformly in support of the NDP.And naturally, they drink from the trough of CBC Pravda, which presents itself as the voice of Canadian culture and artistic expression.If you see an NDP lawn sign, most likely you will see a “We Vote CBC” alongside of it.

    It is therefore imperative that in order to mobilize the vast numbers of people who “think” in this fashion, the state media—and the social media—must frame the refugee debate in purely emotionalterms.Pictures of desperate people, of tragedy being played out every day and every hour, must be front and centre of every news item on the subject.The tragedy must be given a human face.

    However, those in the host countries who must move over for these migrants, or see their social safety net collapse from the burden, or face future job displacement from cheap labour, are left unseen by the cameras.There is no human face attached to */their /*plight. The only images of them that we are permitted to see are those of angry demonstrators—laced with a few neo-Nazis for good measure—shouting outside of migrant reception areas.Nothing like tarring legitimate outrage with the Nazi brush to discredit their grievances.

    State media and its clones have a game plan.

    The discussion must not be allowed to stray into the cold territory of numbers, or resources.Viewers must not be confronted with the reality that Europe simply does not have the capacity to accommodate the numbers of people who seek sanctuary and residence within its borders. Or that so called ‘rich’ countries like Canada and the United States, propped up by fiat currency and pseudo purchasing power, cannot accept the hundreds of millions, and possibly billions of migrants who are anxious to flee poverty, famine or war. In short, viewers must not be allowed to understand the concept of limits.

    If Western civilization is to be buried in an avalanche of migrants, its epitaph will be, “They died of misplaced empathy.” Empathy stoked up by photos and images, and channelled towards the outsider at the expensive of those within our ranks who are asked to sacrifice their space, their resources and their cultural heritage to serve the cause of “humanity”.Of course, those would oppose this agenda are characterized as callous or selfish–or worse. But the issue is not one of compassion or lack thereof, but to whom compassion should be directed.Who should receive priority, them—or us , theirs—-or ours?

    Tim MurraySeptember 2, 2015

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    1. Tim, Excellent! Is this a published commentary? If so, do you have a link? If it isn’t I would like to post as a guest post. Let me know, thank you!


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