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Hungarian Catholic Bishop tells Pope he is wrong, not refugees but invaders!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 12, 2015

…they are here (in Europe) to take us over!

Update:  I hadn’t seen it earlier, but Leo Hohmann at WND has more on what the good Bishop said, here.

For all of you wondering if there is any hope for the Bishops who run the Catholic Church in America, there may not be, but it is heartening to see some Catholic leader willing to speak up somewhere else in the world.

Bishop Hungary

Thank God for religious leaders like this one: Hungarian Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo.

Readers, my guess is that Obama is going to give the Pope a big fat smooch when he arrives in Washington on September 22nd in the form of a promise to “welcome” tens of thousands of Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees to your towns in the coming year.  I doubt he will stick with the 10,000 he mentioned this past week.

Here is one brave Bishop!  From the Washington Post earlier this past week:

BUDAPEST — Pope Francis’s message Sunday couldn’t have been clearer: With hundreds of thousands of refugees flowing into Europe, Catholics across the continent had a moral duty to help by opening their churches, monasteries and homes as sanctuaries.

On Monday, the church’s spiritual leader for southern Hungary — scene of some of the heaviest migrant flows anywhere in Europe — had a message just as clear: His Holiness is wrong.

“They’re not refugees. This is an invasion,” said Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, whose dominion stretches across the southern reaches of this predominantly Catholic nation. “They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.”

For new readers who have not been following the ‘Invasion of Europe’ (Invasion archive is here) as we have for several years, you need to know that Pope Francis actually encouraged the migration by lecturing on Lampedusa in 2013 and inviting the illegal aliens to Italy.

US Bishops want 100,000 (mostly Muslim) Syrians admitted to US in the next year!

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  4. […] Hungarian Catholic Bishop tells Pope he is wrong, not refugees but invaders! […]


  5. […] Hungarian Catholic Bishop tells Pope he is wrong, not refugees but invaders! […]


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  7. The Hungarian Bishop is right in every way. This Pope is very questionable and I keep wondering why Pope Benedict “resigned”?


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  9. […] Hungarian Catholic Bishop tells Pope he is wrong, not refugees but invaders! September 12, 2015 […]


  10. Hoa Truong said

    The UN refugee’s convention in 1951 is obsolete completely, whatever the humanity title being rotten while the people smuggle rings have used the lenient heart of Western country’s people for making profit from the taxpayer, they get rich and have no responsibility after succeeded the business; indeed the citizen of Western state have to pay for asylum seeker and long tern burden the cost for the” unwanted guests”, likely after 6 years Labor party rules, they left behind 50,000 asylum seekers to Coalition government. It is just a specific aspect that everybody could realize, but the dangerous conspiracy is religious spreading world widely that hidden under the refugee coverage.
    The asylum supporters are the left wing, fake moral elements, the Catholic, Christian spiritual leaders as Pope, priest, plus the Muslim migrated long time, now rooted into the Western society…all appeal the so-called” humanity” that effects to the government then they take the taxpayer money pay for the asylum seeker.
    The human invasion become the most problem to Western country, the Muslim have not come to their wealthy nations in region, same religion as Arab Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar…but invade to Europe, Australia…the terrors in UK, France, Spain, Australia (Café Lindt)…aren’t wake up the Western country?. The Pope is generous heart, but he has never known a day, the Vatican will be change name as Mohamed Temple or Halah Mosque, where will Pope go?…I am a former refugee, I understand and distinguish clearly between the refugee and asylum seeker. There is just Vietnamese refugee from 1975, but it raises too much problem by making mistake, the refugee turned asylum seeker, so the Vietnamese came back to where they escaped then carry drug to adopted country, actual the cannabis plantations are the worse social issues. Before getting more asylum seeker under the pressure of UN, please read my article below:
    The Geneva refugee convention on July 28, 1951 confirms the refugee is stateless, they couldn’t come back where they fled for freedom or being endangered, even though contact to a condemned embassy.
    The Vietnam war was fierce, every day, Vietnamese faced the Vietcong terror, from the rural area to cities, including capital Saigon, everywhere the terrorist could act as snipe (country side), bomb, landmine, execution, shelling by multiple heavy weapon provided by Soviet Union and China as mortar 82 mm, artillery 130 mm, missile 107, 122 mm….the death currently appeared into the South Vietnam, but during the Vietnam War period, there was not any Vietnamese fled for finding a safe place, everyone stayed and fought against the thug Vietcong who backed by the Global Communist Bloc.
    However, after Saigon lost on April 30, 1975, Vietcong thug has applied the barbaric policy as a high ranking communist cadre, Mr. Nguyễn Hộ told to his comrades at Saigon:” their house, we occupy-Their wife, we take-Their children, we enslave”. The killing and robbing policy of tyranny regime caused multiple million Vietnamese escaped for freedom. Therefore, among the Vietnamese refugee, there were asylum seeker, Vietcong espionage agent, criminal…penetrated under the title of Human Rights that defines by UN.
    There is just Vietnamese refugee turns asylum seeker after to be granted the citizenship, so annually, there are more than 800,000 Vietnamese refugees appeared the asylum seeker character, they have returned safe to Vietnam, even though someone did good business, they evade tax, bring money to its condemned government. As report of Vietcong government in 2014, the Vietnamese refugee brought to inhumane regime $ US 12 billion (in the reality, it should be $US 18 billion).
    In French, the OFPRA (Office Francais de Protection des Refugies et Apatrice) taken an investigation the period from 1988 to 2000, they discovered 22, 417 Vietnamese turned asylum seeker, the refugees came back safe to where they fled and claimed the human right violation. After the result, OFPRA cancelled all benefits of false refugees above.
    The Australia couldn’t be inevitable mistake just Vietnamese refugee, likely in 2003, the Hào Kiệt boat carried 54 Vietnamese refugees, they claimed resistance Vietcong regime, the life being endangered, so Vietnamese community asked for help, at last all to be accepted as refugee, therefore after to be granted the resident status, all Hào Kiệt boat people returned safe to Vietnam.
    The false refugee plus the fake moral politician about the HUMAN RIGHTS that turns HUMAN WRONG. Nowadays, the thug and people smuggling have exploited the human rights and lenient heart of Western country for invasion, so the asylum seeker crisis in Europe could drive the region into the disaster if the nations have not act properly for national security protection. The most asylum seekers come from the Middle East could raise the problem for adopted country, why don’t they stay and fight against the regime or Islamic State as Vietnamese in war?
    The asylum seeker in the western country to be alerted, the world wake up before too late.
    Hoa Minh Truong.
    (A Vietnamese refugee, author of 5 books published in New York).”


  11. sturandot13 said

    The Hungarian Catholic Bishop is 100% correct. Francis is what I refer to as a “pretender” pope, as he is all for the so-called “New World Order” and the UN’s “Agenda 21”.


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  13. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  14. jstro61283 said

    Pope Demented I. A shill for the far left. Bravo to this bishop who sent him packing.


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