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Saudi Arabia claims they have taken in 2.5 million Syrian refugees (prove it!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 16, 2015

No they haven’t taken refugees.  They may have tens of thousands of foreign workers there on a temporary basis, but they are not resettling any ‘refugees’ on a permanent basis.  And, I doubt the number of Syrians is in the millions.

S.A deportations

In 2013, Saudi Arabia loaded up tens of thousands of Somali and Ethiopian asylum seekers and shipped them back to Africa said HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. In this photo Africans board buses to the airport for deportation flights to Addis Ababa.

Go here and here to see how this controversy began.  Where is the UN High Commissioner for Refugees confirming or denying these claims?

Here is Alarabia:

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman on Monday chaired a cabinet session in which “false and misleading accusations” over the Kingdom’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis were addressed.

Almost 2.5 million Syrians have been received by Saudi Arabia since the start of the civil war, state news agency SPA reported.

We have been chronicling Saudi Arabia’s mean-spiritedness toward its fellow Muslims for years.  Go here for our complete archive on S.A.’s treatment of refugees.

And, I just found a post here from 2008 ,written by blog partner Judy, in which she reports that S.A. takes no refugees on a permanent basis because they don’t want them to have any voting power in the future.

Just a reminder that you will be hearing from western advocates for refugee resettlement that the countries of Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon have an “unfair” burden because they have millions of Syrians in camps there.  Always remember that those ‘refugees’ are there on a temporary basis and that when we take in refugees they will be here PERMANENTLY (and we will admit their family members) after the Syrian civil war is long forgotten.  The comparison is not a legitimate one.

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  3. The Saudis use the “Lies and Lawlessness”, “My Way Or The Highway”, “I’ll hold your passport so you can’t leave until I release you”, “Pay For Obama’s Harvard Education and you’ll have him eating out of your hand forever”, We write our own visas for entry into the USA, (more than 100,000 in one month in 2011, cause we know that 40% of our boys will overstay and disappear into the vast reaches of America, and later tens of thousands will reappear and gain some sort of legitimacy after purchasing fake Syrian ID’s.

    Just a bold prediction, but we know that Obama’s 250,000 personal security force (funded forever by Obamacare) is bound to represent his ant-American, anti-Christian, anti-Capitalist, anti-Caucasian, pro-Muslim resume.

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    Perhaps Saudi Arabia’s definition of “refugee” has changed too.


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