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Refugees are eligible for social services for many years

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 17, 2015

Update:  I have just been told that the per capita has been increased to $1975 (presumably the Volag/resettlement agency share went up with it).

I just came across this handy breakdown of which social services refugees can access immediately upon arrival in the US.  Note that it does not show food stamps or subsidized housing (both available to refugees for years), or the cost of educating the children.

At the top you will see that each refugee gets $1850 [now $1975–ed] as a one time payment from the US Dept. of State (a family of 6 would receive $11,100).  However, the contracting (non-profit) agency keeps about $750 of each refugee’s allotment for its own overhead.

But, that is not all the contractor receives, most get tens of thousands of federal dollars to run myriad other programs through their offices including English language lessons, employment counseling, and even are granted federal dollars to develop community gardens for their refugee clients.

See also:  Jeff Sessions:  90% of Middle Eastern  refugees on welfare, here.

All non-profit groups are required to file Form 990’s with the IRS and must make them available to anyone who asks.  You should not be told that you must do a Freedom of Information Act request to get their financials!

The diagram can be seen more clearly here in enlarged form:

Screenshot (5)

8 Responses to “Refugees are eligible for social services for many years”

  1. […] I just noticed in that 2008 ‘Whoop-de-do’ post that refugees were receiving $850 per head upon arrival and the contractor was keeping half.  Here we are 7 years later and the amount per refugee now stands at $1975 per refugee! […]


  2. […] works with refugees.” Come on Fausset, at least tell your readers that HIAS is paid by the head by the US State Department to resettle refugees in small town […]


  3. Somali Refugees are in my hometown. The families who truly need the Social Service Programs are not receiving the help. Families choose between buying food or medicine and the list goes on. I want my tax money to go to the families I know who desperately need the service, due to Loss of employment or an illness.


  4. […] For a handy chart of welfare goodies, go here. […]


  5. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:



  6. Illegals from South America, and Muslim savages being left into this country, Not much difference when it comes to how their costing tax payers billions. Leaches, everyone of them. Send them all back.

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  7. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  8. FatherJon said

    We have similar social welfare program in Australia which favour large families. However as Australian families nowadays typically number around 3-5 people altogether, parents and siblings included, we’re outnumbered and outgunned by Muslim families where the womenfolk just keep bearing more and more children, getting incremental payments for every subsequent birth. A family of , say, 8 gets a far higher income from welfare than if dad gets a low paid, unskilled job in a gas station or 7/11. Why would you work?
    It’s been suggested that the system should be rejigged, whereby incremental payments stop after, say, the third child. But that takes guts for a political party to advance that in practice.


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