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No discussion of refugee crisis at CNN debate; Carly leaves me cold

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 18, 2015

I had to read Daniel Horowitz to see that I didn’t miss anything when I turned off the CNN 2016 Presidential debate halfway through on Wednesday night. Honestly, I couldn’t take it anymore, and as much as I felt it was my duty to watch (for you), my novel (about the Nazi occupation of Poland) was calling me.

Carly at debate

As of this writing, Carly Fiorina has a ‘D’ score on NumbersUSA Presidential score card on immigration and jobs even worse then Jeb’s C-

Horowitz has been writing some great stuff on the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program so he too must have expected one of the most important issues of the year (the decade, the century!)—how wide is America going to throw open our gates to Muslim ‘refugees’ from around the world especially Syrians right now—to at least be mentioned.

Did CNN not want millions of viewers to know about it, and are the candidates too chicken to mention it?  Or, was it both of those things!

Indeed, because the CNN debate became a free-for-all, you know that if one of the candidates wanted to work in a comment about Obama’s outrageous Syrian resettlement plan, he or she could have.

From Conservative Review (hat tip: Dick).  Emphasis below is mine:

Last night, there was time at the Republican presidential debate to discuss vaccinations and the ten-dollar bill but not a word was uttered about one of the most pressing issues – Obama’s imminent plan to bring in thousands of Islamic refugees from Syria.

Yesterday, the Obama administration announced that the plan to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees next fiscal year is just the beginning. Overall, they plan to expand the current refugee cap of 70,000 worldwide to 100,000 over the next few years, enabling them to admit tens of thousands more from the Middle East. And that includes places like Somalia as well.

Congress can and must put an end to this charade. Obama cannot bring in more refugees than the amount the annual appropriations for the resettlement program will support. It’s time they use the power of the purse to cut off the money spigot for Syrian and Somali refugees. Moreover, the originally refugee caps established by the Refugee Act of 1980 were set at 50,000. The increase of those caps was supposed to be done in consultation with Congress. It’s time for Congress to have a two-way conversation in this “consultation” and speak out for Americans.  [Where are you Reps Goodlatte and Gowdy?—ed]


This is what the liberal westerners will never understand. They project their own hopes and aspirations on people who will never share their values. Sure, if I turned the clock back 30 years without the luxury of observing the history of Muslim immigration I would have also thought they’d appreciate our hospitality. But how many painful lessons must we learn in order to protect Americans from such threats? With the growing success of cyber-Jihad there is no way to ensure that these thousands of Syrian refugees of military age will not become radicalized and bite the hand that feeds them. In fact, undoubtedly many of them already have been radicalized.

Accordingly, the more salient question is not how many of them are connected to ISIS, although that is definitely an important point to consider. It’s how many of them dislike our values? For years, America was careful to exclude those who would become a public charge. Can’t we at least exclude those who will likely hate our democratic values?

For those wowed by Carly….

As for all the hoopla surrounding Carly Fiorina, this woman (me!) is not wowed.  I’ve told you, right or wrong, I am a one-issue voter and Fiorina has a ‘D’ score right now on Immigration and Jobs at NumbersUSA, click here.  And, until she says she was wrong, I can’t get past the ill-timed, uninformed speech she did shortly after 9/11, read about it here.

7 Responses to “No discussion of refugee crisis at CNN debate; Carly leaves me cold”

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  2. Virginia Lange said

    In case you didn’t notice, the ‘moderator’ consistently steered

    the candidates away from discussing real issues. Now why would

    a liberal CNN Democrat do that? To make sure no

    substantive subjects were discussed.

    We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

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  3. jstro61283 said

    Fiorina is lacking on immigration so she is out in my book. Very good communicator but I’ve had enough of style over content.


  4. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  5. John Conner said


    I couldn’t stomach the debate anymore either after getting about halfway through. Love to read your novel on Poland when you finish it… sounds fascinating. I’m rewriting a script I wrote awhile back about Russian Spetsnaz troops running covert ops in Alaska. It gets occasional requests for reads in Hollywood, but no one has yet to want to produce it. Wrong market I know, but gotta try, right?


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